Enterprise Events – 8 March – S3 Exam Mindset Course

All S1, S2, S3 and S4 will take part in an Enterprise Event in the month of March. 


Details below of the events, groups and times.  Find out when your event is and turn up at the assembly hall at the correct time. 


Check the Business Education Notice Board if you forget your time or group.



Monday 8 March 2010

S3 Exam Mindset Course


  • Group 1 – Periods 1 and 2

3Se2, 3Se3 and 3Se1 Fiona Stewart and Johnny Edmond


  • Group 2 – Periods 3 and 4

3Gr1, 3Gr2 and 3Se1 Shannon Langlands, Craig Law, Alanna MacFarlane, Lisa Paton, Sophie Stewart, Emma Sturrock


  • Group 3 – Periods 5 and 6

3Go1, 3Go2 and 3Se1 – Chelsea Anderson, Grant Barber, Blane Buchanan, Jordan Caven, Kirsty Edwards, Ben Heron, Shaun Jones, Daniel Kirkham

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