Secondary Outdoor Adventure Program (SOAP)

Are you an aspiring young mountaineers in next year’s 5th and 6th year? Would you like progress your mountain and navigation skills and gain some awards through a variety of day, evening and residentials through 2010/11?

More details here

Or see the SOAP link from hereĀ 

We can ‘shortlist’ and submit up to 6 students from our school. There will then be a selection from the applicants down to 8 successful candidates at an overnight residential at Innerwick on the first weekend of the next term. (pm Fri 20th/ am Sat 21st ). Spaces on the SOAP program is 8 total across all EL secondaries – note that some of the trips are mid-week. All dates are listed on the details page.

Get moving!
See Mr Kiernan if interested asap!

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