eD of E – completing your award.

All pupils who were issued with the new eD of E package (last years’ Bronze and a few of the Silver and Gold participants) will be pleased to know your mentors have now been trained in how to help you complete your award, get it ‘signed off’ and finally get your award!

We are proposing to run a series of informal drop-in help sessions over the next few weeks.

The first of these will be lunchtimes in Mr Kiernan’s lab. Don’t panic if you can’t manage at these times as others will be arranged for after the October break and details posted on the daily notices and on the D of E noticeboard outside Mr Kiernan’s lab.

To kick us off the first block will be next week (Mon 11th, Tues 12th and Thurs 14th) in Mr Kiernan’s lab at lunchtime. It would help if you could bring your eD of E package/box.

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