UCAS information

Receipts and Offers
– offers are only official once you have received a letter or email from UCAS, even if you receive an offer direct from a university or college
– if you have a question about a decision, you should contact the university or college for advice not UCAS
– the universities and colleges have a deadline for making a decision about your application.

If you send in your application and don’t receive a confirmation of it’s arrival after one week, contact UCAS in the first instance.

Conditional offer
A conditional offer, usually grades, but sometimes experiences (placement or summer school).  You must meet the conditions of your offer by 31 August 2012, unless otherwise agreed by the university or college.

Unconditional offer
An unconditional offer means that you have met all the academic requirements and the university or college is happy to accept you.

Withdrawn application
A choice can be withdrawn by you or the university or college. The reason will be displayed in Track. It may be withdrawn because you didn’t respond to any letters or emails from the university or college, or because you didn’t attend an interview.

Unsuccessful application
This means that the university or college has decided not to offer you a place on the course.

Replying to your offers
You reply to each offer in one of the following ways:
– firm acceptance
– insurance acceptance
– decline.
Firm acceptance

Your firm acceptance is your first choice – this is your preferred choice out of all the offers you have received. You can only have one firm acceptance.
If you accept an unconditional offer, you are agreeing that you will attend the course at that university or college, so you must decline any other offers. We’ll send you a letter which will explain whether there is anything else you need to do.   If you accept a conditional offer, you are agreeing that you will attend the course at that university or college if you meet the conditions of the offer. You can accept another offer as an insurance choice.
Insurance acceptance
If your firm choice is a conditional offer, you can accept another offer as an insurance choice. Your insurance choice can be conditional or unconditional and acts as a back-up, so if you don’t meet the conditions for your firm choice but meet the conditions for your insurance, you will be committed to the insurance choice. You can only have one insurance choice.
The conditions for your insurance choice can be higher than your firm choice, but be aware that if you’re not accepted by your firm choice, it’s unlikely that you will be accepted for an insurance choice that requests higher grades.  You don’t have to accept an insurance choice – if you’re not sure about any of your other choices once you have accepted a firm choice, you’re not obliged to accept one as an insurance option.
Once you have decided which offer to accept firmly, and which (if any) to accept as an insurance, you must decline all other offers. If you don’t want to accept any of the offers, you can decline them all. You will then be eligible to use Extra or Clearing, depending upon your circumstances.

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