Are you keen on using technology in your learning? Are you a big fan of eduBuzz Google Apps? I know I am. The one problem I find however is organising all the various online tools I use on all the different devices I use at school and at home. I know I’m not alone with this problem so we’re trialling a new tool which brings all your online tools together into one place: AirHead. You can sign in now using your eduBuzz email address and password:

AirHead has two main tools so far, FlightDecks and LaunchPads. FlightDecks keep all your email, calendar, twitter feeds and much more together in one place – with even more widgets to come. LaunchPads allow you to create collections of links to sites which you use regularly, and even allows you to store your login details for those sites.

You can use AirHead on any device which has the internet and a browser so whether you’re on a school computer, or on your phone or tablet at home, it will always look the same and synchronize your content. In fact, we’ve set it has the homepage for chrome if you’re logged in with your eduBuzz username and password.

If you’re wanting to know more, you need help or you’d like to let us know what you think of AirHead, feel free to pop up and see Mr Kelly in Biology or drop me an email:

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