Work Experience 2015

All S3 students have a week of work experience in June.

3go1, 3Gr1, 3Se1 go in the week 8-12 June 2015
3Go2, 3Gr2, 3Se2 go in the week 15-19 June 2015

Students can find their own work placement but they must have the paperwork for this completed by their planned employer and return it to their guidance teacher by the 31st of March to enable it to be health and safety checked and processed in time for June.
We find that students are often most satisfied in their work experience when they choose their own employer, rather than relying on the limited number and variety of places we will have available on the database in the summer term.

The letter and self-found form are below should you wish to print it out yourself.
Printed copies are being issued by students’ guidance teachers and are also available in the guidance office.

Please note that the letter of understanding needs to be given to the employer as well as the self-found form, but only the self-found form needs to be returned to school (completed by the employer) by your child/guardian and it is this we need before the end of term if we are to try to have your choice of work experience approved.

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