PL Challenge Event 2 Results

All S1 classes took part in the second whole class Challenge Event last week as part of PL Challenge. They built bridges, solved logic puzzles, used their observational skills and identified countries from their location on a world map. Competition was fierce but the scores are now in…

1A3 were the winners on the day with 1A1 coming a close second. This wasn’t quite enough to knock 1C1 from top of the overall leader board however and so they go into the final round with a single point advantage. There are another 9 points up for grabs in the final Challenge event to be held in March so there is still everything to play for. Can 1C1 hold on to win the prize?


Class Teacher Event 1 Points Event 2 Score Event 2 Points Total
1A1 Mr Kidd 7 36 8 15
1A2 Ms Scott 8 29 5 13
1A3 Mrs Waldie 3 37 9 12
1B1 Mr Runciman 2 17 3 5
1B2 Mrs Monaghan 6 12 1 7
1B3 Mr McNeil 5 33 7 12
1C1 Mr Cramb 10 31 6 16
1C2 Ms Lugton 9 24 4 13
1C3 Mr Stewart 5 15 2 7

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