S3 Schools Of Programme and Choices

S3 Schools Of Programme and Choices

The S3 Schools Of programme has now been finalised and S3 students will be making their choices during their Schools of lesson on Tuesday 18th. Teachers will go through the description of what is on offer and how to choose.

A description of the Schools on offer is shown below.

Students can make their choices in class on the 18th, or wait and do it at home after discussion with parents and carers. The deadline for completing the Form is lunchtime on Wednesday 19th August. Students will find out their allocated School in registration on Monday 24th and start their chosen programme on Tuesday 25th.

The link to the Google Form is https://forms.gle/A7PA2vgNVxRUdXyd8

There is a very tight turnaround for this to allow us to allocate students and start the programmes as soon as possible. If there is a problem with making choices, or a student is absent, please email Jeni Allan at jallan@edubuzz.org and she will be happy to help.

School Of Title Description Spaces
School Of Film Making This course will give you the opportunity to learn how to make a film professionally.  You will be taught how to use high tech film equipment and how to work together as a film crew.  Everyone in the crew will have the opportunity to take on the role of director, camera person, sound person and clapperboard person.   You will use your ideas to decide on a film you would like to make, plan it properly (Pre-production), film it (Production) and then you will be taught how to edit what you have filmed using Final Cut on the iMac (Post-Production).  At the end of the course you will have made at least two films which will be posted on YouTube and you will be skilled in the film-making process.   The film group usually films on location outside of the school building; attends the INTO FILM Festival and participates in courses led by a variety of outside film partners. 10
School of Aspiring Scientists This course is aimed at students who already have an interest in science and are considering studying science in the senior phase or beyond.

You will develop study skills that will help you to maximise your performance in S3 science, get the opportunity to boost your knowledge and understanding of core S3 science courses, and have additional time to fill any gaps in your understanding of these courses in order to best prepare you for continuation in that subject or uptake of that subject in S4.

You will have the opportunity to gain a Maths for Science award, further boosting the key problem solving skills used across all sciences. You will also do an Investigating Science award, honing your experimental and investigative skills, aiming to maximise current and future attainment.

School of Arts and Crafts in the local community Students will explore the local area and its coastal location using a range of Arts and crafts to include, photography, collage, model-making, drawing and painting. You will have an introduction to digital photography and use the images you create to develop your Art skills. 40
School of Creative Baking (HE) This course will be offered as an introduction to one of our certificate courses, practical cake craft. Students will also work towards two National progression awards in Cake baking and the course can be used as a contributor to the Bronze level Youth Achievement award.

The course content will cover a wide variety of Cake baking & Cake decorating skills and techniques, following the format of the ‘Great British Bake off’, having themed weeks e.g. bread week, biscuit week etc. This will culminate in the creation of a fully decorated Christmas cake.

There will be a cost for this course of £35 for the year. Support is available through the Preston Lodge Learning Foundation Community Fund.

School of Healthy Living (PE) Active participation in a wide variety of activities which help promote lifelong participation and engagement with ambition for a healthy lifestyle and long term benefits. Pupils will work towards gaining a Bronze Youth Achievement award through completion of a number of participation challenges and creation of a personal portfolio. Pupils must bring PE kit & be keen to try out new activities; not traditional, competitive sports. 30
School Of Drama During this course you will work in small groups towards creating and rehearsing your own drama.  This course would be suited to those who enjoy both scriptwriting and performing.  We will also look at how lighting, sound, costume, set and props can be used to enhance the drama. 20

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