Longniddry Bus – Home to school transport

Could we kindly ask students to use the correct bus to and from school otherwise this may impact on other students not being allowed to access their allocated bus.  Many thanks.

128 East Coast Buses has capacity for S1-S4 


Johnny Cope Stone                       0803

Seton East                                      0805

Longniddry Station                        0811

Preston Lodge HS                          0820

M-TH    F

Preston Lodge HS                          1535     1225

Longniddry Station                       1543     1233


S5 & S6 Prentice coaches


Longniddry Rail Station                0755

Longniddry Inn                               0756

Longniddry – Dean Road              0757

Preston Lodge High School          0808


(M-TH) (F – 111 service)

Preston Lodge High School          1535     1230

Longniddry Rail Station                1544     1243

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