About B Smith

Currently seconded from Preston Lodge High School to LTS. This is my personal learning log.

Jewel and Esk college course dates

The last sessions for all JEC and Childcare pre-voc courses for 2009/10 are as follows:

The last day of attendance of Monday classes is — 26 April (ie one day only following the Easter holidays)

The last day of attendance for Friday classes is — 30th April (ie they have two days to attend following the Easter holidays — 23rd and 30th)

Pre-vocational courses

All students involved in college courses are reminded that they should leave class at 12pm, get lunch and be ready to leave on the bus at 12.30pm today.


Scott Collins Small Eng 4SE1
Fraser Ewart Small Eng 4GR1
Charlie Heskin Small Eng 4GR2
Andrew Loudon Small Eng 4GO1
Luke Reynolds Small Eng 4GR2
Jack Brown Cons (Mon) 4SE2
David Jones Cons (Mon) 4GR3
Dean Martin Cons (Mon) 4SE2
Dale McCallum Cons (Mon) 4GR2
Lauren Barry H&B (Mon) 4SE2
Aisha Khanam H&B (Mon) 4GR2
Lisa Muirhead H&B (Mon) 4GR3
Hayleigh Scott H&B (Mon) 4GR2
Sammy Thomson H&B (Mon) 4GR1

Pre-vocational college courses

Reminder for today:

Pick up 1.20pm at the school:

Grant Barber

Reece Connelly

Dyllan Drummond

Brogan Garrity

Douglas Horne

Andrew Stevenson

Pick up 1.30pm at the school:

Emma Codling

Kara Cunningham

Alanna Wilson

Laura Gibbons

Yvonne Meek

Clara Owen

Thea McDougall


The Shed 1.30pm:

Nikki Beale

Vanessa Gill

George Loudon

Blyth McGuire

Jade Scott

Leah Thomson

Pre-vocational college courses

Please note that the times for the college courses are as follows:

Monday courses:  bus leaves Preston Lodge at 12.30pm and returns in time for the end of the school day.

Friday courses:  Midlothian Campus leaves 1.20pm

                          Edinburgh Campus leaves 1.30pm

Buses return at 4pm


Pre vocational college courses

Pre-vocational college courses are starting again for the new term at Jewel and Esk Valley College. Pick up times for Friday afternoon are as follows:


Midlothian campus: 


PLHS           13:20    

Grant Barber S3 Construction
Reece Connelly S3 Construction
Dyllan Drummond S3 Construction
Brogan Garrity S3 Construction
Douglas Horne S3 Construction
Andrew Stevenson S3 Construction


Edinburgh Campus


PL           13:30    

Emma Codling Health&Beauty
Kara Cunningham Health&Beauty
Alanna Wilson Health&Beauty

Laura Gibbons Media
Yvonne Meek Media
Clara Owen Media
Thea McDougall Media






S3 College Courses – Jewel and Esk Valley College

Reminder that all students should meet at the school at 1pm sharp to be taken to college.  The bus will also bring you back at the end of the day.

Mr Smith

Cameron Cunningham S3 Construction
Jamie McMillan S3 Construction
Levi Thompson S3 Construction
Kieran Wilson S3 Construction
Cameron Purves S3 Construction
Martin Morgan S3 Construction
Cameron Johnston S3 Construction
Lisa Muirhead S3 Childcare
Micheala Rafferty S3 Childcare
Lauren Black S3 Childcare
Katie Lynch S3 Childcare
Emma Codling S3 Hair & Beauty
Allana Wilson S3 Hair & Beauty
Kara Cunningham S3 Hair&Beauty