About Mr.Kiernan

Biology Teacher and Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader at Preston Lodge High School

Bronze service opportunities

Anyone looking for a service opportunity for Bronze (even Gold or Silver)?

The ‘Clean-up Crew’ will be recruiting volunteers at a lunchtime meeting on

Wednesday 13th October in Mr Kiernan’s lab (1:20)

If interested (even only slightly) come along and find out more.

In addition, ‘The Green Team’ can also help. This group run a series of projects in and around the area. See Mr Kiernan for more information.

eD of E – completing your award.

All pupils who were issued with the new eD of E package (last years’ Bronze and a few of the Silver and Gold participants) will be pleased to know your mentors have now been trained in how to help you complete your award, get it ‘signed off’ and finally get your award!

We are proposing to run a series of informal drop-in help sessions over the next few weeks.

The first of these will be lunchtimes in Mr Kiernan’s lab. Don’t panic if you can’t manage at these times as others will be arranged for after the October break and details posted on the daily notices and on the D of E noticeboard outside Mr Kiernan’s lab.

To kick us off the first block will be next week (Mon 11th, Tues 12th and Thurs 14th) in Mr Kiernan’s lab at lunchtime. It would help if you could bring your eD of E package/box.

Duke of Edinburgh groups

Pupils who have signed up for the Gold award, please attend a brief meeting, lunchtime (1:20) on Tuesday 5th Octoberin Mr Kiernan’s lab (Biology)

S4 returning from work experience who would like to get involved in the Silver award, please attend a brief meeting in Mr Kiernan’s lab at lunchtime (1:20) on Monday 4th October.

New S4 and the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award

Any pupils wishing to continue with the D of E award at Silver level, please attend a brief meeting in Mr Kidd’s lab on;

Monday 27th September at lunchtime (1:20) . 

Another meeting will be called with your group mentor before the October break to give you help in completing the Bronze award paperwork.

The D of E Team.

Learn to kayak

Would you like to learn how to paddle, steer, stop and get out of a kayak  and do so in a (very!!) relaxed atmosphere?
After-school kayak pool sessions will soon be running again (starting 17th September)
Cost will be £20 for a block of five 1 hour sessions. All equipment will be provided.
You will get wet and you will have fun!

Come and try something a little different.

See Mr Kiernan or Mr Frost for more details.

2010 – The Year of Biodiversity.

2010 is an important year. The United Nations have declared it ‘The International Year of Biodiversity’.

To celebrate this, East Lothian Council and a few organisations are running competitions to help celebrate this event and raise awareness.

1) Photography competition.

The Scottish Seabird Centre are running a photography competition to co-incide with the Year of Biodiversity.

Entries are now being taken for their Nature Photography competition. The competition entry may be a class or an individual entry.

Closing date – 31st October.

For more information visit


or email education@seabird.org

2) ‘Biodiversity’ Writing competition.

Supported by East and Midlothian Councils, Butterfly World and Tyne and Esk Writers.

Open to S1 – S4.

Entries can be poetry or prose. Collect an entry form from a member of the Biology department. Entries must be with Mrs Bain the school librarian by 1st of October 2010

3) Check out the UN Biodiversity website . It includes a link to the ‘Red list organism of the day’, the red list being a database of organisms in real danger of extinction unless action is taken.

Follow the link  http://www.cbd.int/2010/welcome/

Silver expedition – 9th – 11th September

All those intending to attend the Silver expedition from 9th – 11th September, your groups must completetheir route cards for each dayby the end of the day on Tuesday 7th September.

See Mr Kiernan, Kidd or Frost if help is needed.

As usual, see Mr Frost asap for any kit you need (boots, rucksack and waterproof clothing) and have a think about tent/cooking groups.

Duke of Edinburgh notices.

1) All D of E pupils participating at Silver and Gold must see Mr Kiernan regarding the logbook type they were issued, particularly those issued with the new style eD of E package.
2) Silver and Bronze – Catch-up expedition.
Anyone who missed the last series of expeditions (assessed or practice), please attend a very short meeting on Wednesday 25th Aug at 1:20 in Mr Kiernan’s lab.

Introduction to eD of E

Miss Balsillie’s group, please come to Mr Kiernan’s lab at lunchtime on Wednesday  (1:15 – bring your lunch if you want) for an introduction to the  new eD of E system. Other groups will get their opportunity immediately after the summer break.

Secondary Outdoor Adventure Program (SOAP)

Are you an aspiring young mountaineers in next year’s 5th and 6th year? Would you like progress your mountain and navigation skills and gain some awards through a variety of day, evening and residentials through 2010/11?

More details here

Or see the SOAP link from here 

We can ‘shortlist’ and submit up to 6 students from our school. There will then be a selection from the applicants down to 8 successful candidates at an overnight residential at Innerwick on the first weekend of the next term. (pm Fri 20th/ am Sat 21st ). Spaces on the SOAP program is 8 total across all EL secondaries – note that some of the trips are mid-week. All dates are listed on the details page.

Get moving!
See Mr Kiernan if interested asap!