Rome Trip


A reminder that your final payments must be with Mr Lanyon by Friday 24th April.
Cheques must be made payable to East Lothian Council.

The itinerary is now being finalised and once complete a meeting will be called for all participants and parents.

Any questions see Mr Lanyon or Ms Monaco.

Rome Trip

The-Colosseum-(Rome,-Italy)There will be a meeting for those going on the Rome trip in Mr Lanyon’s room during break (10.45am) on Thursday 15th January.

Full attendance is required as we will be going over the following information:

  • Flight details
  • Itinerary
  • EHIC
  • Passport info
  • Travel arrangements

If you are unable to attend you must let Mr Lanyon or Ms Monaco know.

A reminder that second deposits are now required.

Rome Trip Meeting

gladiator-welcomeThere will be a meeting for those who have applied to go on the Rome trip during activities week 2015 on Wednesday 5th November at break time in Mr Lanyon’s room.

There are spaces available for anyone else who would like to go and it is looking likely that the initial cost of £575 will be reduced. If you would like to go please come along to the meeting on Wednesday.

Heriot Watt University: Design Smash 2014


Congratulations to Team geography who represented us at the Heriot Watt University Design Smash. The team led by Rory Fairgrieve as captain were tasked with redesigning West Register Street, Edinburgh as part of the St James Centre redevelopment project. It was a no rules design project – where the team were asked to think about how the site might be used in the city in the future, thinking about what might the city look like in 20 or 50 years time.

The exercise encouraged them to look at the built environment – to ‘read’ it and think about how it has been shaped, as well as the challenges which we face now (e.g. climate change, the low-carbon economy and so on), and to use their imagination about how places might be used and how they might look in the future. The task mimicked some elements of the design process, e.g. analysing a space; gathering and refining ideas; presenting a design/vision.

Although they did not win they came up with some fantastic design concepts that focused on bringing light, greener areas, an aquarium, water features and designed spaces for all ages and user groups.

Well  done to everyone. Rory Fairgrieve, Craig Russell, Emma McDonald, Cameron Sharp & Jamie Ferrier.

Senior Referendum Debate

Group PicThis morning all senior pupils gathered in Preston Lodge’s very own independence debate. The Better Together campaign were represented by Local Labour MP Fiona O’Donnell and Youth Speaker Alan Grant. The views of the Yes campaign were put forward by Blair Jenkins OBE and Youth Speaker Miriam Brett.

Better TogetherThe opening statements from both sides were well received. Fiona O’Donnell reminded the students that it is their generation who will ‘suffer the consequences of this vote’ and urged them to vote no to protect ‘the most successful political union anywhere in the world’. Alan Grant added to this his belief that the ‘impulse’ to separate from the UK does not fit in with 21st century values.

Blair Jenkins also stressed the importance of voting, urging the pupils to ‘take that Yeschance and vote yes’ and protect public services. Miriam Brett explained that she was voting yes for three reasons: for a fairer democracy, to protect the Welfare State and the ability to reject nuclear weapons.

Questions from the audience ranged from concerns about the protection of the Barnet formula if there is a no vote, the ability to tackle Scottish health problems and key issues of economy and the welfare state.

Today’s event has sparked a continuation of the debate amongst senior students who for the first time in political history will be able to vote as 16 and 17 year olds on the 18th September. Preston Lodge would like to extend its thanks to Alan Blackie for chairing this mornings debate.

Referendum Debate for S5/6

The referendum debate for S5 and S6 pupils takes place this coming Friday the 29th August. S5/6 should arrive in the hall for 9.20am for the debate to start at 9.30am.

We have managed to secure a top notch panel which includes

Fiona O’Donnell MP and Alan Grant (Youth Speaker) for the Better Together Campaign
Blair Jenkins OBE and Miriam Brett (Youth Speaker) for the Yes Campaign
Alan Blackie who was the former Head of Education for East Lothian Council has agreed to chair the debate for us.

BBC Scottish Referendum Debate

Are you aged 16 or 17yrs?
Do you want to be part of the biggest debate ever staged and broadcast in Scotland?

The BBC have invited 50 pupils from every school in Scotland who are eligible to vote in the referendum to attend a debate at the Hydro in Glasgow on Thursday 11th September. The debate will be broadcast not just in Scotland but throughout the UK across the BBC TV network and on Radio 1.

The debate starts at 2.30pm and finishes at approximately 5.30/6pm. Students selected to attend will be transported by coach to the event and will be returned to school at about 7/7.30pm. If you would like to be considered for one of the places available please complete the online form by the 25th August. Any questions please speak to Mr Lanyon or Mrs Russell.

Hydrodebate Form