LGBT Youth Scotland Youthspace

 Sat 15th June 2013

We would welcome pupils from your school who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender AND their friends, allies, supporters AND families to march with us on Sat 15th June in celebration of LGBT identity. We will be hosting an alcohol free space supported and monitored by youthwork staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable space for young people. Our Pride Youth Team have been working hard on stalls and activities for their peers and wanted to ensure I invited young people from across the city.

Valentine Roses

Valentine roses will be on sale in the foyer at break and lunchtime on Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th February.  Roses will be delivered to register classes on Friday 10th February.  Cost per rose is £1 (not real roses).  See Rachel Murdoch or Kate Wilson for details.


Bethany Christian Trust donations

Thank you to staff and our ELP students for generously donating cleaning and household items to support Bethany Christian Trust’s Homemaker Appeal in September and October.

Bethany has sent us a certificate and letter of appreciation which will be displayed.  Our ELP students have received Curriculum for Excellence school base citizenship certificates.

Zoe Monaco/Learning Support

Opal Coast Trip 2012

 Opal Coast Trip 2012

This is a reminder to all pupils going on the above trip that the payment cards have now arrived and will be distributed to all pupils when they pay their next deposit of £75 which is due by the end of this month ( November)

Payments should be made to Mr Cruickshank during registration and please note, money or cheques should only be given to him and only during registration.

If any pupil has a problem with this, he/ she must see Mr Cruickshank immediately.


Opal Coast 2012

All pupils who have paid a deposit and secured a place on the trip to the Opal coast should attend a meeting in Mrs Fitzpatrick’s room on Tuesday 8 November at 1.15 prompt.  If you are unable to attend, please see Mrs Fitzpatrick before 8 November.  Feel free to bring your lunch!

EK Skatepark Trip – Tuesday 28th June 2011

We are proposing a trip to EK Skatepark in East Kilbride. ( The cost for the coach hire, trailer for the bikes and a three and a half hour session will be £27.  Students will need to complete both consent forms and return a deposit (£10) or full payment, to the school office ASAP to confirm their place.  They will also need to have a packed lunch and safety equipment for the day. Leave at 9am, return by 4pm.

–          £27

–          Packed lunch

–          Safety gear (helmet/pads)

–          Two consent forms

S5 & S6 Exam Prelims

Can you all please remind pupils that they must NOT come near the hall during the exams and adhere to the notices which are put up when exams are on.  If an exam crosses over break time, please can you remind pupils that they cannot use the main entrance and to use another door instead.    Also, inform pupils that they must use other corridors to get access to their next classes.

Below are the dates and times when exams are on and when corridors near the hall are out of bounds:

Wednesday 2nd Feb:  1:50 – 3:20

Thursday 3rd Feb: 9:00 – 10:45  and 11:05 – 12:35

Friday 4th Feb:  8:50 – 9:50 and 10:25 – 11:55  THIS WILL OVERLAP BREAK – NO ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR

Tuesday 8th Feb:  8:50 – 11:20 (Drama Exam in Drama Studio) – NO ACCESS ALONG THIS CORRIDOR

Wednesday 9th Feb:  8:50 – 11:20  THIS WILL OVERLAP BREAK – NO ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR

Thursday 10th Feb:  10:30 – 1pm  THIS WILL OVERLAP BREAK – NO ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR

Monday 4th April:  8:50 – 10:50  and 11:05 – 12:20 1ST EXAM WILL OVERLAP BREAK – NO ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR

Tuesday 5th April:  8:50 – 10:40, 11:05 – 11:50 and 1:50 – 3:20

Vaccines Wed 12th January – S3 pupils


Please find below the times of the vaccines for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio. They will take place on Wed 12th January in the hall. Please make sure that pupils are allowed to come at the correct times as this has an inpact on the nursing staff. 


9:30– 3se2     9.45-3se1   10am-3gr1    10.10-3gr2    10.25-3gr3   11am-3go1 11.15-3o2   11.30-3go3  


11.45-3se2    12pm-3se1   12.15-3gr1   12.30-3gr2    1.45 -3gr3    2pm– 3go1 2.15– 3go2  2.30 – 3go3