Running Club – Get fit in 2020!

We are looking for pupils from S1-6 to join our weekly running group, regardless of fitness, ability or stamina!

Come along to PE at 3.50pm every Monday with Mrs Malamos and the runners.

Starts back Monday 13th January – looking forward to seeing you there!

Girls HPV Vaccinations Thursday 19 January

The HPV Vaccinations for S1 & S2 Girls takes place on Thursday 19 January. 

Please see below for timings, could all classes please report to the Assembly Hall promptly.  Girls should wear a short sleeve top or t-shirt or a vest under their blouse. They should also eat breakfast & if their vaccination time is after break please have something to eat at break time.  This is nothing to worry about it.

Starting at 9am Thursday 19th Jan

09.00 – 1GO1 & 1GO2 – 25 girls

09.20 – 1GR1 & 1GR2 – 27 girls

09.40 – 1SE1 & 1SE2 – 18 girls

10.00 – 1SE3 & 2GO1 – 24 girls

11.00 – 2GO 2 – 17 girls

11.20 – 2GR1 – 13 girls

11.40 – 2GR2 – 15 girls

12.00 – 2SE1 – 19 girls

12.20 – 2SE2 – 15 girls

New immunisation programme against meningitis

Consent packs for vaccinations from NHS Lothian were distributed to pupils in S3 to S6 on Tuesday 1 December.

Every year, pupils in S3 are offered the Teenage booster to complete their life long protection, through routine immunisations, against tetanus, diphtheria and polio.

In addition this year all S3 – S6 pupils are recommended a meningitis vaccine (ACWY). This is to protect against the W strain of meningitis which is on the increase across the UK.

Please read the letter, discuss the vaccinations and return completed and signed consent forms to school by Friday 11 December.injections