Girls HPV Vaccinations Thursday 19 January

The HPV Vaccinations for S1 & S2 Girls takes place on Thursday 19 January. 

Please see below for timings, could all classes please report to the Assembly Hall promptly.  Girls should wear a short sleeve top or t-shirt or a vest under their blouse. They should also eat breakfast & if their vaccination time is after break please have something to eat at break time.  This is nothing to worry about it.

Starting at 9am Thursday 19th Jan

09.00 – 1GO1 & 1GO2 – 25 girls

09.20 – 1GR1 & 1GR2 – 27 girls

09.40 – 1SE1 & 1SE2 – 18 girls

10.00 – 1SE3 & 2GO1 – 24 girls

11.00 – 2GO 2 – 17 girls

11.20 – 2GR1 – 13 girls

11.40 – 2GR2 – 15 girls

12.00 – 2SE1 – 19 girls

12.20 – 2SE2 – 15 girls

New immunisation programme against meningitis

Consent packs for vaccinations from NHS Lothian were distributed to pupils in S3 to S6 on Tuesday 1 December.

Every year, pupils in S3 are offered the Teenage booster to complete their life long protection, through routine immunisations, against tetanus, diphtheria and polio.

In addition this year all S3 – S6 pupils are recommended a meningitis vaccine (ACWY). This is to protect against the W strain of meningitis which is on the increase across the UK.

Please read the letter, discuss the vaccinations and return completed and signed consent forms to school by Friday 11 December.injections

Lunchtime Clubs

“Are you interested in games? Looking for somewhere to go over lunchtime? Then come along to the games club every Monday lunchtime in science room 2. Bring your lunch, board games and cards will be provided but feel free to bring your own games too.”

“Food for thought… A General Interest club will run every Wednesday at lunchtime with Mr Chambers. Topics will include psychology, philosophy, game theory, astronomy, computer animation and anything else you would like to learn about or share. If you are interested, come along to science room 2 on Wednesdays, bring your lunch and your brain”

PL Challenge Team Event 4 Results

The scores are in for the final PL Challenge Team Event and we have a winner!

1A3 have come out at the top of the leader board after 4 hard fought events.

Mrs Allan will be in touch in the next few weeks to give you information about getting ready for your prize of a morning of water sports at the Musselburgh Lagoons on June 12th.

Well done to all classes and staff for all your hard work.

Class Event 4 Scores Events 4 Points Final Leader Board
1a1 35 5 20
1a2 39 7 29
1a3 43 10 33
1b1 24 2 19
1b2 40 8 29
1b3 26 3 21
1c1 42 9 23
1c2 38 6 29
1c3 29 4 23
1c4 35 5 15

Do you want to be a PL Digital Leader?

Are you keen on the use of technology in your learning? Do you have views on how we could be using technology better in our learning as a school? Are you prepared to take a leadership role in the use of technology in learning at PL?

If this sounds like you, you might be interested in helping form our school’s first Digital Leaders Team. If you’re interested and would like to find out more, please come to a meeting in Mr Kelly’s room (upstairs in Science) at 1.15pm on Monday 10th November.

Prizegiving on Tuesday 19th June

Prizegiving on Tuesday 19th June @7.30pm. Refreshments from 6.45pm

  • Rehearsal on Thursday 14th June .  P3-   S1,2 & 3 winners.   P4- S4 & 5 winners.

   (Tickets for parents will be given out at rehearsal )

  • Notice board at entrance to Hall has list of pupils who should attend rehearsal.




S1 Academic

Brooke Ritchie

Tarryn Wood

Brad Scott

Laura Moos

Angus Hillhouse

Megan Banks

Elise Doran

Libby O’Brien

Katie Vince

 S2 Academic

Lucy Stannage

Montse Molloy

Mikey Ward

Meghan Collins

Arran Lawson

Jamie Ferrier

Alasdair MacMillan

Claire McGovern

Louise McCraw

S3 Academic

Bruce Dickson

Alexa McCraw

Ciara McCumiskey

Kieran Murphy

Anna McSorley

Ruairi Mason

Kirsten Moore

Alistair Crichton



S4 Academic

Shannon Thornton

Ashton Ritchie

Jason Wood

Laura Cunningham

Nicholas Lynch

Julia Murphy

Jenny Tran

S4 Dux 2012  

Kristina Burns

Julia Gribbin

S4 Certificates of Distinction

Lewis Russell                                 Louise Walker

Sean Welsh                                  Cameron Wyllie

Rosie Allan                                  Cameron Bathgate

Chris Berg                                           Nicollette Blair

Cameron Bryson                                 Kristina Burns

Louise Cairns                                       Joanne Clelland

Laura Cunningham                             Shelby Dalgliesh

Jennifer Dickson                                  Adam Forsyth

Jodie Hendy                                         Rebecca Jones

Michael King                                       James Lagarde

Isla MacAskill                                      Caitlin McMillan

Selisha Menzies                                  Lucy Murdoch

Lee Murray                                         Aaron Patterson

Louissa Robertson                               Erin Scott

Cameron Watt                                      Alistair White


S5 Academic

Cameron McSorley

Anna Wright

Amy Kerr

Paul Smith

Louise Bain

Rebecca Muir

Alexander Caughey

(Dux of School)

Brodie Sandilands

S5 Certificates of Distinction

Louise Bain                                          Vanessa Bartie

Shona Bell                                           Lindsey Black

Joseph Brown                                      Chloe Carson

Alexander Caughey                                Chelsea Courtney

Anna Devine                                        Lauren Edmond

Beatriz Gonzalez-Buendia                      Rhona Henderson

Amy Kerr                                             Sean Lindsay

Sarah-Louise Lyon                               Megan McDonald

Thea McDougall                                 Lara McKirdy

Andrew Morgan                                  Scott Naylor

Finlay Richardson                                Cara Ross

Amanda Rygg                                      Brodie Sandilands

Anna Wright                                        Emmelie Young