Do you want to be a PL Digital Leader?

Are you keen on the use of technology in your learning? Do you have views on how we could be using technology better in our learning as a school? Are you prepared to take a leadership role in the use of technology in learning at PL?

If this sounds like you, you might be interested in helping form our school’s first Digital Leaders Team. If you’re interested and would like to find out more, please come to a meeting in Mr Kelly’s room (upstairs in Science) at 1.15pm on Monday 10th November.

Prizegiving on Tuesday 19th June

Prizegiving on Tuesday 19th June @7.30pm. Refreshments from 6.45pm

  • Rehearsal on Thursday 14th June .  P3-   S1,2 & 3 winners.   P4- S4 & 5 winners.

   (Tickets for parents will be given out at rehearsal )

  • Notice board at entrance to Hall has list of pupils who should attend rehearsal.




S1 Academic

Brooke Ritchie

Tarryn Wood

Brad Scott

Laura Moos

Angus Hillhouse

Megan Banks

Elise Doran

Libby O’Brien

Katie Vince

 S2 Academic

Lucy Stannage

Montse Molloy

Mikey Ward

Meghan Collins

Arran Lawson

Jamie Ferrier

Alasdair MacMillan

Claire McGovern

Louise McCraw

S3 Academic

Bruce Dickson

Alexa McCraw

Ciara McCumiskey

Kieran Murphy

Anna McSorley

Ruairi Mason

Kirsten Moore

Alistair Crichton



S4 Academic

Shannon Thornton

Ashton Ritchie

Jason Wood

Laura Cunningham

Nicholas Lynch

Julia Murphy

Jenny Tran

S4 Dux 2012  

Kristina Burns

Julia Gribbin

S4 Certificates of Distinction

Lewis Russell                                 Louise Walker

Sean Welsh                                  Cameron Wyllie

Rosie Allan                                  Cameron Bathgate

Chris Berg                                           Nicollette Blair

Cameron Bryson                                 Kristina Burns

Louise Cairns                                       Joanne Clelland

Laura Cunningham                             Shelby Dalgliesh

Jennifer Dickson                                  Adam Forsyth

Jodie Hendy                                         Rebecca Jones

Michael King                                       James Lagarde

Isla MacAskill                                      Caitlin McMillan

Selisha Menzies                                  Lucy Murdoch

Lee Murray                                         Aaron Patterson

Louissa Robertson                               Erin Scott

Cameron Watt                                      Alistair White


S5 Academic

Cameron McSorley

Anna Wright

Amy Kerr

Paul Smith

Louise Bain

Rebecca Muir

Alexander Caughey

(Dux of School)

Brodie Sandilands

S5 Certificates of Distinction

Louise Bain                                          Vanessa Bartie

Shona Bell                                           Lindsey Black

Joseph Brown                                      Chloe Carson

Alexander Caughey                                Chelsea Courtney

Anna Devine                                        Lauren Edmond

Beatriz Gonzalez-Buendia                      Rhona Henderson

Amy Kerr                                             Sean Lindsay

Sarah-Louise Lyon                               Megan McDonald

Thea McDougall                                 Lara McKirdy

Andrew Morgan                                  Scott Naylor

Finlay Richardson                                Cara Ross

Amanda Rygg                                      Brodie Sandilands

Anna Wright                                        Emmelie Young

Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ)

Are you in S5 or S6?

Have your dropped subjects?

Are you “free” on a Tuesday Period 3+4?

If so you could enroll in the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ) class.

The NPLQ is the standard Qualification to become a Lifeguard in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

If you are interested speak to Mr Stewart  – as soon as possible.

Could all the students who have already been involved in courses at the Mercat Gait Centre please speak to Mr Stewart as soon as possible.

Student Council Training Part 2

The final part of the student council training will be on Monday 8th November during periods 5 and 6 in the training room.

Could all student councillors (not class reps) please attend. Your teachers will have been informed but it would be courteous if you could confirm with them that it is alright for you to be excused from class and find out what work you will need to catch up on.

Please let Mrs Allan know if you will be unable to attend.

Student Council election results

The results are as follows:

Student Council


Liam Currie 1 SE1

Ellie McConnachie 1 SE2


Mark Gibson 2SE3

Robyn Davidson 2SE3


Logan Wilson 3GO1

Louise Walker 3GO2


Ryan Clark 4se3

Clara Owen 4SE3


Jamie Walker 5SE2

Jennifer Tait 5SE1


Jonathan Burns 6GR2

Kerry Barber 6SE1

 Class Reps

1GR1 – Shelby Garrity

1GR2 – Taylor McDonald

1GO1 – ( 3 way tie, winner tbc)

1GO2 – Dylan Thomson

1SE1 – Keegan Thompson

2GR1 – Robbie Menzies

2GR2 – Jordan Killen

2GO1 – Reece Wishart

2GO2 – Abi Cowan and Marc Reid

2SE1 – Sam Gibbins

2SE2 – Jordan Simpson

2SE3 – Mark Gibson

3GR1 – Jake Halvorson

3GR2 – Danielle Purves

3GR3 – Lewis O’Neill

3GO1 – Erin Stewart

3GO2 – Samara Hunter

3GO3 – Abbey Douglas

3SE1 – Steff Henry

3SE2 – Isla MacAskill

4SE3 – Ryan Clark

5GR2 – Katie Lynch

5GR3 – Katherine Berg

5GO1 – Gerard O’Brien

5SE1 – Jennifer Tait

5SE2 – Liam Preston

6GR1 – Glen Muir

6GR2 – Johnathan Burns

6GO1 – Shaun McMillan

6GO2 – Jade Byrne

6SE1 – Paula Christie

6SE2 – Amanda Clarke

Student Council meeting

Congratulations to the following students who have been successful in being elected to be this year’s student councillors.

S1 Liam Currie and Ellie McConnachie


S2 Mark Gibson and Robyn Davidson


S3 Logan Wilson and Louise Walker


S4 Ryan Clark and Clara Owen


S5 Jamie Walker and Jennifer Tait


S6 Jonathan Burns and Kerry Barber


Could you all please attend an important meeting on Friday 15th October during period 3 in Mrs Allan’s science lab to discuss the SYP training event after the holidays.

Anti-Racism Week Competition

This week (w/b  17 May) Preston Lodge will be celebrating diversity with an Anti Racism theme.

Racism can be defined in different ways. We can all understand it as behaviour, words or practices which can disadvantage or advantage people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin.

To help provoke thought and debate on the issues surrounding this topic, we are looking for PL pupils to design a T-shirt using an anti-racism theme.

You can download the template here: TeeShirt Template

Or see Mrs Todd in the Learning Zone for a hard copy.

Entries can be done by hand or in Photoshop.

The winning t-shirt (which should include any PL against racism slogan and/or symbol) will be made and printed for display across the school, as well as earning crucial house points for the designer.

Cinema tickets will also be included in the prize.

Deadline for entries (send to Mrs Todd) is Friday 28th May.

Re-scheduled Class Rep and Student Council Meeting

The class rep and student council meeting that had to be postponed last term will be held next Tuesday 27th April. You will be analysing the results of the uniform survey done in SE and feeding back on how you think the forum has operated this year and how it can be improved. Could class reps who kept their classes uniform surveys please bring them to the meeting.
Class reps and student council members will meet during period 1 in the canteen.
Student council members will meet during period 2 in the training room.
Please let Mrs Allan know if you are unable to attend.

S4, S5 and S6 Easter Revision Programme

A final version of the Easter Revision Programme is available below.

All students will receive a copy of the final programme along with a letter for their Parents/Guardians.

All pupils who have signed up should attend the class.

It is not too late to sign up – see the named teacher.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to improve your SQA exam results!

Anyone requiring further information, should see Mrs Scott.

Click here for: Easter Revision Programme 23 March 2010