Global Day of Action on Climate Change

We understand that some young people attending East Lothian schools may wish to take part in the Global Day of Action on Climate Change tomorrow, which includes a rally in Glasgow. We want to  support our young people as global citizens to have their voice and to be able to express their views on important matters such as climate change. The safety and wellbeing of our young people is of paramount importance to us. We would therefore ask that any young person who wishes to attend this event first discusses it with their parent or carer before notifying the school of the intention to be absent for this event.  Given that the young person will not be on school premises at this time, and therefore not the responsibility of school staff,  they will be marked as having had an unauthorised absence. Please note that an unauthorised absence will have implications for payment of the Education Maintenance Allowance for this day.

Connected Learning

East Lothian Secondary Schools now offer wireless learning for all young people. This means that young people can use school or personal devices to access a very wide range of learning materials online. This new opportunity creates important new responsibilities for young people.

At Preston Lodge we’ve come up with a guide, and brought in the web app Airhead, to support the introduction of Connected Learning to our classrooms. The following videos summarise our guide to Connected Learning and explain how to set up Airhead on your mobile device:

You can also download a text version of our guide to Connected Learning as a PDF by clicking here.

Log in to Airhead by clicking here.

Activities Week

Pupil options form
Letter to parents

Activities Week 2012 takes place during the last week of the summer term 25th-29th June. Pupils have been given a list of activities to choose from that they will participate in on the Monday to Thursday. On the Friday we will be holding a whole school event and barbque.

  • Pupils must return their activity choices form to their register teacher or school office by Wednesday 28th March. Please ensure the PC1 is also completed.
  • If pupils require more information about any of the activities on offer they should speak to the member of staff responsible for it.
  • Any other questions they should direct to Mr Lanyon.
  • House points will be allocated to the first three register classes in each year group to have a 100% return of forms.


Opal Coast Trip 2012

 Opal Coast Trip 2012

This is a reminder to all pupils going on the above trip that the payment cards have now arrived and will be distributed to all pupils when they pay their next deposit of £75 which is due by the end of this month ( November)

Payments should be made to Mr Cruickshank during registration and please note, money or cheques should only be given to him and only during registration.

If any pupil has a problem with this, he/ she must see Mr Cruickshank immediately.


Opal Coast 2012

All pupils who have paid a deposit and secured a place on the trip to the Opal coast should attend a meeting in Mrs Fitzpatrick’s room on Tuesday 8 November at 1.15 prompt.  If you are unable to attend, please see Mrs Fitzpatrick before 8 November.  Feel free to bring your lunch!

PL Slot Rods

Any S1 pupil interested in designing and making their own working slot cars, please attend a meeting today (Thur 10th) at lunchtime (1.30) in Mr Tough’s room in CDT for more details

S5 & S6 Exam Prelims

Can you all please remind pupils that they must NOT come near the hall during the exams and adhere to the notices which are put up when exams are on.  If an exam crosses over break time, please can you remind pupils that they cannot use the main entrance and to use another door instead.    Also, inform pupils that they must use other corridors to get access to their next classes.

Below are the dates and times when exams are on and when corridors near the hall are out of bounds:

Wednesday 2nd Feb:  1:50 – 3:20

Thursday 3rd Feb: 9:00 – 10:45  and 11:05 – 12:35

Friday 4th Feb:  8:50 – 9:50 and 10:25 – 11:55  THIS WILL OVERLAP BREAK – NO ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR

Tuesday 8th Feb:  8:50 – 11:20 (Drama Exam in Drama Studio) – NO ACCESS ALONG THIS CORRIDOR

Wednesday 9th Feb:  8:50 – 11:20  THIS WILL OVERLAP BREAK – NO ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR

Thursday 10th Feb:  10:30 – 1pm  THIS WILL OVERLAP BREAK – NO ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR

Monday 4th April:  8:50 – 10:50  and 11:05 – 12:20 1ST EXAM WILL OVERLAP BREAK – NO ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR

Tuesday 5th April:  8:50 – 10:40, 11:05 – 11:50 and 1:50 – 3:20

Vaccines Wed 12th January – S3 pupils


Please find below the times of the vaccines for Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio. They will take place on Wed 12th January in the hall. Please make sure that pupils are allowed to come at the correct times as this has an inpact on the nursing staff. 


9:30– 3se2     9.45-3se1   10am-3gr1    10.10-3gr2    10.25-3gr3   11am-3go1 11.15-3o2   11.30-3go3  


11.45-3se2    12pm-3se1   12.15-3gr1   12.30-3gr2    1.45 -3gr3    2pm– 3go1 2.15– 3go2  2.30 – 3go3

SQA Exam Results 2010: Statistics & Grade Boundaries

Exam Results Certificates arrived on doorsteps across the country this morning, bringing the (good) news to thousands of students. Hopefully you all got the grades you were after – congratulations to all of you! The SQA have released the Grade Boundaries for each subject across all levels (viewable by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheets), as well as a few statistics on attainment etc.

Grade Boundaries 2010

Grade Boundaries 2010 (as percentages)

Component Marks – National Averages

Pre-Appeals Pass Rates & Course Awards

Pre-Appeals Pass Rates & Course Awards (Male candidates)

Pre-Appeals Pass Rates & Course Awards (Female candidates)

For interest, last years statistics can be found here.