S1 Schools Of Programme and Choices

S1 Schools Of Programme and Choices

The S1 Schools Of programme has now been finalised and S1 students will be making their choices during their Schools of lesson on Tuesday 25th. Teachers will go through the description of what is on offer and how to choose.

A description of the Schools on offer is shown below.

Students can make their choices in class on the 25th, or wait and do it at home after discussion with parents and carers. The deadline for completing the Form is the end of the day on Wednesday 26th August. Students will find out their allocated School in registration on Monday 31st and start their chosen programme on Tuesday 1st of September.

The link to the Google Form is https://forms.gle/e84EcuNvMz9XjPNr5

There is a very tight turnaround for this to allow us to allocate students and start the programmes as soon as possible. If there is a problem with making choices, or a student is absent, please email Jeni Allan at jallan@edubuzz.org and she will be happy to help.

School Of Title Description Spaces
School Of Scottish Heritage Discovering Your Scottish Heritage

Our Scottish heritage covers a wide and varied range of topics. It can be linked to our history, landscape, media, culture, transport, sport, politics, languages, food – just about anything, as long as it is specific to Scotland! This course will allow you to use IT to carry out  some independent research on a Scottish topic of your choice, after first exploring some specific examples of Scottish heritage.

School of Nature This course will investigate our local wildlife, especially the plants and small animals that are living in the school grounds and the surrounding area. For instance, we will set up and run a marine aquarium to observe creatures from the nearby shoreline. More general project work on wildlife and the environment will also be included.

This  course will often involve going outside for collection and survey trips, combined with follow-up and background work in the classroom. It is likely that we will also make displays to communicate the results of our studies to others in the school.

In addition, it is likely that the group will engage in the consideration of wider environmental issues, such as recycling and energy saving. We may perhaps become involved in the promotion of initiatives of this type across the school.

Ideally, the course will run all year, with the same committed and enthusiastic group. In the spring we may develop our activities into work towards the John Muir Award. This would be a project to ‘Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share a Wild Place.’

School of Forensic Science This course will provide students with an understanding of some of the work involved as a Forensic Scientist.

You will cover various aspects of forensics such as pathology, entomology, DNA matching, fingerprinting, ballistics, crime scene analysis and various other methods of chemical and biological analysis and detection.

It will include some theory on different forensic techniques with numerous practical based activities, including a full crime scene investigation.

Students will have the opportunity to work on their laboratory and problem solving skills.

School of Arts and Crafts The School of Arts and Crafts is aimed at pupils who enjoy being in Art and being creative. We will explore a variety of materials to develop your drawing and observational skills which will benefit you in your coursework. Also, you will have an opportunity to create a 3D piece of artwork working with others in a collaborative way. 20
School of Music You will develop your music theory skills by learning how to read, play and write your own music.

You will develop your practical skills on keyboard, xylophone, guitar and ukulele and will work together in small bands to create performances.

You don’t need to be a musical genius, but you do need to be willing to join in and to try new things!

School of Healthy Living HE – 3 meals a day – looking at simple healthy options for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 40
School of Healthy Living PE You will work towards a Dynamic Youth Award, this school is all about getting out and getting active! How to keep active using alternative approaches. Pupils must bring PE kit. 40
School of Football You will be working towards Dynamic Youth Award and get an introduction to football, develop skills, knowledge, teamwork and fair play. 20


School Photos – Monday 4 November (S1-3 only) – S6 will be taken on Monday 2 December

Please find below times for pupils photos taking place on Monday 4th November.

1Go1 8.45am

1Go2 8.55am

1Gr1 9.05am

1Gr2 9.15am

1Gr3 9.30am

1Se1 9.40am

1Se2 9.50am

3Go1  10.00

3Go2 10.10am

3Gr1 10.20am

3Gr2 10.30am

3Se1 11am

3Se2 11.10

As the photographer has to be away by 11.30am it could be possible that we might not get through 3rd year. In this case the missed classes will be postponed until Monday 2 December when S6, S6 friendship Groups & Sports Teams will be taken. Thanks

S1-S3 Vet Medicine Information Evening – Wednesday 27th November 2019

S1-S3 Vet Medicine Information Evening – Wednesday 27th November 2019

Vet Medicine Information Evening is aimed at S1-S3 pupils and their parents/guardians and will take place on Wednesday 27th November from 19:00 – 20:30 at the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at Easter Bush, Midlothian.

The event aims to give pupils and their guests an idea of what it involves being a vet and a vet student as well as what it takes to become a vet. By the end of the session, pupils and their parents/guardians should be able to:

  • Identify some of the variety of areas vets can work in once qualified
  • Discuss some of the main roles/tasks carried out by vets
  • Discuss the some of the main aspects of a vet medicine degree & student life
  • List all the universities in the UK that currently offer Vet Medicine degrees
  • List the main subjects pupils need to take when they get to S4, S5 and S6
  • Discuss some of the basics of the application & selection process for Vet Medicine

This is an exciting new event we are running for the first time this year. We hope as many pupils as possible will benefit from finding out more about what it takes to become a vet at this early stage in school and help prepare them for what will be require in their later years in school should they want to pursue a career as a vet.

Pupils and their parents can get more information and sign up at the following link: https://vet-info-evening.eventbrite.co.uk

For those of you who use social media, we also have a tweet you can re-tweet using the following link: twitter.com/UniofEdWPteam/status/1184835823302254597         

School Photos Monday 5 November

School photos are taking place on Monday 5th November. Full school uniform should be worn. The timings for the photos are listed below:

1Go1 8.45am 

1Go2 9.00am

1Go3 9.15am 

1Gr1 9.30am 

1Gr2 9.45am 

1Se1 10.00am

1Se2 10.15am

3Go1  10.30am 


3Go2 11.00am 

3Gr1 11.15am

3Gr2 11.30am 

3Se1 11.45am

3Se2 12.00pm

3Se3 12.15pm

S6 group photo with SMT will be taken at 12.30pm SHARP.

12.50pm Senior Team and House Captains.

6Go1 1.45pm 

6Go2/3 2.00pm

6Gr1 2.15pm 

6Gr2  2.30pm 

6Se1/2 2.45pm

Respectful Relationships Focus Groups

The Quality Relationships in Learning Project is having a focus group meeting on Wednesday 29th of April at 1.10pm in Mr Kelly’s room upstairs in Science.

Any pupils in S1 to S3 are invited to come along and share their views. In this focus group questions about learning at PL will be asked.

Drinks and snacks will be provided but feel free to bring your lunch!

My Place Photography Competition

The My Place Photography Competition is a built environment photographic project run by the Scottish Civic Trust for primary and secondary school-aged children throughout Scotland.  It aims to provide young people with the opportunity to express their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on the heritage, buildings and archaeology around them.

All entries will be placed in an online gallery, displayed in a public exhibition and recognised with a certificate.

Two winners will be selected by a panel of judges and these will go on to represent Scotland in a worldwide exhibition and catalogue.

Competition deadline: 31 JANUARY 2014

If you would like to enter this competition or would like more information please see Mr Lanyon

Photography Club

Interested in Photography?
Want to find out how to take better pictures?
Fancy joining a new club?

Come along and see Mr Lanyon on Wednesday 4th September at 1.15pm for more information. You do not need to have your own camera to join this club.

Year Group Assemblies – Friday 7 June

Year Group Assemblies will take place on Friday 7 June:

S1           8.50 am

S2           9.30 am

S3           11.05 am

Once started, they will only take 10 minutes. Although this is a second Friday assembly, I have moved the year groups around to spread the disruption.


A reminder that all S1 students will be involved in a Health Day on Thursday 16 May.  Students should wear their PE kit to school and bring a refillable water bottle and £1.

Activities Week

Activities Week 2013 will be launched in assemblies this week. From Friday 12th April to Friday 26th April you will be able to make your Activity Options online, a link will be posted on the school website. Everyone must complete the online form.

You will need your edubuzz email and password to log on. If you do not know it please see Mr Stewart or Mr Lanyon.


FREE Startup Science Masterclasses for S1 and S2 Students

The Royal Society of Edinburgh is inviting applications for the spring session of Startup Science Masterclasses. These are run in partnership with, and take place at universities across Scotland. The Masterclasses are intended to give young people who have shown interest in science and technology the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience.

Four Masterclasses will take place on successive Saturday mornings and will comprise of a mixture of talks and fun, practical activities with guidance and encouragement from session leaders.  Further Information can also be view on our website http://www.rse.org.uk/news/news.php?id=143

There is no limit to the number of students who apply from one school; however places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once applications have been received we will correspond with students and parents at their home address.