PL Slot Rods

Any S1 pupil interested in designing and making their own working slot cars, please attend a meeting today (Thur 10th) at lunchtime (1.30) in Mr Tough’s room in CDT for more details

School Photos – Thursday 14 October

The school photographer will be in to take 1st, 3rd and 6th year photographs on Thursday 14 October.  Could the followoing classes please report to the assembly hall for the times listed below.

9 am  1GO1, 9.15 am 1GO2, 9.30 am 1GR1, 9.45 am 1GR2, 10 am 1SE1, 10.15 am 1SE2

10.30 am 3GO1, 11 am 3Go2, 11.15 am 3GO3, 11.30 am 3GR1, 11.45 am 3GR2, 12 noon 3GR3, 12.15 pm 3SE1, 12.30 pm 3SE2

Group and Family photo’s will be taken during lunch

1.45 pm 6GO1, 2 pm 6GO2, 2.15 pm 6GR1, 2.30 pm 6GR2, 2.45 pm 6SE1, 3 pm 6SE2


S1 PL Challenge

A reminder that all those who are due to be out of school from Mr Lanyon’s group on Friday need to return their PC1 form. NO FORM = NO TRIP OUT

You also need to come prepared for wet weather. If you are not appropriately dressed you will not be allowed to go.

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S1/2 Football Team for Thursday 9 September

The following pupils have been selected to play for the S1/2 Football Team on Thursday 9 September.  The match is against Musselburgh with a kick off of 4.30 pm.  All pupils should meet inthe PE Department for 3.45 pm sharp.

Brad Robertson, Ross Jappy, Daniel Smith, Johnny Grotlin, Jordan Ritchie, Jordan Easton, Jack Friery, Robbie Menzies, Kurtis Brown, Marc Reid, Jay Cochrane, Jordan Killen, Cameron Halliday, Ross McIntyre, Liam Currie.

If anyone is unable to play please c0ntact Mr Johnstone in PE as soon as possible.

Calling all S1 & S2: BBC Competition

BBC LEARNING SCOTLAND wants your ideas for a short film.  A story about your local landscape.

And if your idea is selected you’ll win a development workshop for your school as well as a BBC director and crew to film your story. Cool eh?

It doesn’t matter if your landscape story is historical or modern, pure geography or a bit social-political we want to hear from you!

And the process couldn’t be simpler.

First pick your story.

Then work out what everyone needs to see and the order in which you want them to see it.

Finally, in no more than 300 words, write up your brilliant idea on our entry form and have your school email it to us.

More information and entry form on the website: BBC Learning

1st and 2nd Year House Activities

Could 1st year students please remember to bring their PE kit on Wednesday 31 March for periods 5 and 6 if they have signed up for house sports.

Could 2nd year students please remember to bring their PE kit on Monday 29 March for periods 5 and 6 if they have signed up for house sports.

Please note, any girls who have signed up for rugby could they please sign up for another activity.

Enterprise Events – 15,16 and 17 March

All S1, S2, S3 and S4 will take part in an Enterprise Event in the month of March. 


Details below of the events, groups and times.  Find out when your event is and turn up at the assembly hall at the correct time. 


Check the Business Education Notice Board if you forget your time or group.

Monday 15 March 2010 and

Tuesday 16 March Periods 1 and 2


  • Group 1 Monday 15th – Periods 1 and 2 1Go1 and part 1Go2 Aaron Anderson, Catherine Armstrong, Robbie Berg, Aimee Buchanan, Sam Chater, Abi Cowan, Aidan Davie, Paul Davie, Kyle Doran, Betho Edwards, Robert Ferguson, Sarah Hall, Ashley Johnston, Suzanne Lothian, Erin McLaren, Natalie Matthews, Cameron Menzies, Euan Mitchell, Kayleigh Montgomery, Kirsten Moore
  • Group 2 Monday 15th – Periods 3 and 41Gr1, and part of 1Go2 Jade Quinn, Sean Reekie, Marc Reid, Mark Robertson, Chloe Scott, Liam Strock, Finch Taylor, Lewis Thomson, Kirsty Walker 1Gr2 Shaun Aitken, Lucy Archibald, Jordan Brodie, Kurtis Brown, Jamie Cochrane, Alisha Dixon, Kyle Dunlop, Liam Edmond, Nathan Falconer, Shannon Fergus, Toni Higgins, Taylor Horton, Jordan Killen
  • Group 3 Monday 15th – Periods 5 and 6 – 1Se1, and part of 1Gr2 Connor McCallum, Megan McKeown, Ruairi Mason, Rachelle Mitchell, Laura O’Brien, Sam Reynolds, Abbie Robertson, John Salkeld, Amy Sawyer, Jacqueline Scott, Nicole Scott, Eilidh Shearer, David Singer, Alex Thomson, Connor Thomson and part of 1Se2 Dean Apicella, Ryan Baillie, Amy Berg, Melissa Brown, Rachel Campbell
  • Group 4 Tuesday 16th – Periods 1 and 2 1Se3, and part of 1Se2 Alistair Crichton, Roseanna Gaffney, Lucy Gray, Jonathan Grotlin, Arran Logan, Megan Luby, Christopher Lumsden, Lucy McLeish, Lauren Marshall, Andrew Morris, Julie Ralston, Jordan Ritchie, Brad Robertson, Daniel Samson, Kyle Sandilands, Jordan Simpson, Daniel Smith, Alexander Storrie, Amy Taylor, Blair Wallace, Jayelouise Watson

Tuesday 16 March Periods 3-6


  • Group 1 Periods 3 and 4 – 2Go1 and 2Go2
  • Group 2 Periods 5 and 6 – 2Go3 and 2Gr1

Wednesday 17 Periods 1-4


  • Group 3 Periods 1 and 2 – 2Gr2 and 2Gr3
  • Group 4 Periods 3 and 4 – 2Se1 and 2e2