Syrian Uprising

There have been reports of the Syrian army killing and torturing innocent citizens in Homs.

Many citizens and refugees have been trying to escape Syria and moving to countries like Turkey and Jordan but the Syrian army are blocking the way making the road dangerous.

The Syrian army are still blocking aid to the refugees in Homs and in this process they have been killing innocent citizens and the families of the refugees which are encouraging them to fight even more.

But the conditions that the refugees are living are bitter, they are forced to live in small shelters with no heating or electricity.

Nobody knows when the killing will end and how many more people will have to leave their homes because of this uprising.

Among these people are women and children who have been believed to been tortured and killed on Sunday night in the village of Karm el-Zeytoun.

The city of Homs has been under assault for weeks and the Syrian government have been trying to push out rebels and citizens have fled from the Karm el-Zeytoun area.

An activist in Homs reported that 26 children and 21 women were found dead some with their throats slit and some with stabbing wounds.

The SRGC (Syrian Revolution General Commission) said some victims of the attacks had been found burned alive with fuel poured over them and some with their limbs broken.

Mulham al-jundi an opposition activist told the BBC government that troops where firing rockets from tanks just outside the area.

Syria is now laying landmines over the borders between them and Turkey and Lebanon to stop refugees from escaping the violence in the country.

By Craig, Jonny, Liam and Angus

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