Hoodie Gate!

Lately at Preston Lodge High School there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the new addition to the PL uniform, the new school hoodie has been causing a lot of confusion within the school! Initially the school hoodies were produced to be worn in the classroom but as the buyers of the garment were not following the rule of wearing your school uniform underneath which consists of a shirt and tie, actions had to be taken! The privilege of wearing your hoodie in the classroom was removed but this caused chaos at the high school and parents felt very strongly about the new rule, so some parents decided to show their opinions of the new policy. Mr Clark (head teacher) had a long think about his decision and decided to revoke his decision. As long as the pupils wear the correct uniform underneath the garment there will be no problem with wearing the hoodie. The reasons he had for not wanting the pupils to wear the hoodie in class were that in some practical classes such as Home Economics and Craft Design Technology, if you were not wearing uniform underneath then you cannot take part in the lesson but some children decided to wear nothing underneath so they couldn’t remove it!! Due to health and safety reasons children must wear uniform under the jumper.

Preston Lodge thinks that the advantages of wearing school uniform are:

* Encouraging a sense of belonging and pride in the school.

* Encouraging a purposeful attitude to school work and extra-curricular activities.

* Enhancing the image of the school in the community.

* Discouraging competition between pupils.

* Discouraging bullying and victimisation which may arise from pupils not having certain clothing or footwear.

* Improving safety in the classroom and in practical areas such as science labs.

* Improving school security through easy identification of intruders.

* Reducing pressure on families to buy expensive or designer clothes.

This is obviously an important matter to the teachers, but it is also just as important to the pupils. This is what some of them had to say about it:

* One pupil said “My opinion is that it makes everyone equal and if we all came to school in our normal casual wear some people could get bullied if they cannot afford nice clothing. Yes, I agree with school uniform because there could be a lot of friction between people because of clothing they could be wearing.”

* Another pupil said “I don’t agree with the tie, but apart from that I feel we should wear school uniform. I get why we have to wear a tie but I don’t like it.”

* Another pupil said “no I don’t agree with is because we won’t get lost, we should only wear it on school trips.”

Obviously school uniform is quite a controversial issue but luckily hoodie gate is now at an end.

By Megan and Becky

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