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Dinosaurs Move Into Chester Zoo.

A giant T-rex, a Brachiosaurus and a Stegosaurus are among the new arrivals that have joined tigers and elephants at Chester Zoo.

Nineteen life-like robotic dinosaurs have been transported all the way over from Texas in America for a new exhibition, which opens on April 1st.

Zoo manager Barbara Smith said: “Everybody loves dinosaurs, but there is an important message as well – if we don’t care for the animals today, like the black rhino… they could also become extinct like our dinosaur friends.”

Edinburgh Zoo’s Giant Pandas.

“Our Giant Pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang are a potential breeding pair and we are hopeful that during their time here they will breed successfully.” Edinburgh’s Panda Keeper said.

The female, Tian Tian, was born in August 2003 at the Bifengxia breeding centre in the Sichuan province of China. Her name translates to Sweetie in Chinese. She is described as having a mischievous nature and being quite fussy when it comes to bamboo.

The male, Yang Guang, was also born in August 2003 at a breeding facility in Mongolia. He moved to the Bifengxia breeding centre in March 2011. His name translated means Sunshine. He is described as a good-natured gentle giant. The two pandas will feel very much at home in Edinburgh Zoo hopefully.

By Adelle and Becky

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