Ability; not Disability.

As Jessica Cox goes through her hard, astonishing life she also inspires other disabled people to be the best they can be. Born on the 2nd February 1983 with a rare disease; she was born without arms and doctors had never experienced this before. Over the years she has become a legend in the disabled world and she has achieved things that some fully abled people only dream of.

Jessica has abilities such as: playing piano, driving a car, being a pilot, surfing, diving and she has two black belts in taekwondo. She effectively achieved her goal to inspire disabled people to try and live a normal happy life. Jessica explains: “my message is that disabilities are not limited to physical; they shouldn’t stand in the way of success, there’s no handicap to success”.

Linked into this amazing topic the recent 2012 London Paralympics has also inspired other disabled people to try and step over big obstacles like amputation. It’s not just Jessica that inspires people, The Paralympics played a big role in the inspiration that encouraged the disabled to go out doors and try new things like swimming, running & cycling.

A demonstration of this success is a school girl called Angel Mills from Ports Lade has been inspired by the Paralympics. She completed a half marathon. The 12 year old mum said: “she was a fantastic inspiration to the public she would definitely put me to shame. I wouldn’t have been able to do what she does”.

According to the Scottish disability minister: “There have been a number of developments with regard to disabled people’s participation and involvement in sport over the past few years”. Their recent surveys have shown a rise in the number of disabled people in Scotland taking part in sports at local centres. The government’s strategy for inclusion stresses the need for ‘greater attention to access sporting venues for disabled people’ It is clear that the government are endeavouring to make it easier for disabled people in sport.

It cannot be argued that the level of support for disabled people in sport has greatly increased over the past few years.  However, we should continue to help the less abled people be involved in almost everything they are able to do; with our motivation and help this will happen.

By Jordan, Daniel and Sam

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