Retailers suffer nightmare as horsemeat found in beef burgers!

by Jak, Connie and Kaitlyn

Many meat products have recently been under investigation for horsemeat. Many companies such as Spanghero, Tesco and Ikea have been found guilty for containing horse DNA. Spanghero denies passing off horsemeat in frozen meat products. Ikea have been guilty for containing horsemeat in their meatballs. However Nestle has been found negative for horsemeat. At this point 80% of the entire meat stock has been verified and the work continues for the remaining 20%.

In the UK, 3 people have been arrested on suspicion of fraud of selling horsemeat. 2 suspects were arrested at a meat production centre near wales and another person was arrested at an abattior in West Yorkshire. 2 German politicians for instance suggested over the weekend that one practical use for tainted products such as tens of thousands of packs of lasagne pulled from supermarket shelves because they tainted horsemeat.

Horse meat is proven to be tastier and healthier than normal beef.  Another meat supplier sodexo admitted that there may have been horse meat in products sold to schools, hospitals and the armed forces. Last week the second batch of test results admitted by the food industry. To date one in 80 beef products, tested, has been found to contain horse meat. Ikea withdraws all meatballs from UK stores but negative horsemeat for Nestle.

On a lighter note, recent jokes have appeared online such as:

“My doctor told me to watch what I eat, so I went out and bought tickets for
the Grand National.”


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