Super Scotland Rampant (at times!) during 6 Nations

Scotland has done exceptionally well in this 6 nations compared to last year where they did not win a single match. They have not won since 1998. They started off with an 18-38 loss against England but went on to have a 34-10 against Italy and 12-8 win against Ireland.

The first match of the season against England didn’t start very with a 20 point loss against England but their hopes weren’t put down as they were playing in England’s home ground Twickenham where England would not be eager to lose.

Even with that in thought Scotland still drove through against Italy. It all started off with Winger Tim Visser scoring the first try of the match it then went on to have full back Stuart Hogg scored an 80 metre interception try. Sean Lamont and Matt Scott went on to score two more tries and win the match.

Ireland was a much tougher match as Scotland only scored one try which was by Grieg Laidlaw. Ireland scored one try but missed the conversion and scored a penalty. By the end of the second half Ireland were battering into Scotland but Scotland were holding up an impenetrable wall.

After the match against Ireland Captain Kelly Brown said “The skills weren’t right but having said that the guts and fight we showed was very good”.

Scotland and Wales can both realistically win this year’s 6 nations championship. Scotland has an amazing comeback from their first 6 nations match this year against England at Twickenham. They have never had a back to back win against Italy and Ireland and there is hope over the orison if they can pull together against. Wales the score against Scotland was 18-26 wales won.

Against Wales Scotland put up a good fight but Wales managed to pull through and win. Wales’s hooker Richard Hibbard scored the only try of the match in a contest dominated by the right boots of Greig Laidlaw and Halfpenny’s kicks which meant that a world record for most penalties in one match was made there with 6 Scotland penalties and 7 wales ones. The final score was 28-18 to Wales.

For Scotland’s final match they played France. Scotland’s winger Tim Visser scored Scotland’s only try with Ruaridh Jackson converting it, the rest of Scotland’s points were through Greig Laidlaw’s right boot.

 In what was effectively the tournament decider, it was England versus Wales where Wales had to win with a 7 point lead to win. That score didn’t seem to be good enough for Wales so they beat England with a whopping 30 points to 3! 

Scotland have done well this year, they have put a lot of effort into their games and should be commended for that. Never before have Scotland come so close to victory in the six nations. It was a shame Scotland could not compete in this fantastic final but there is always next year.

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