Worrying Rise in Animal Cruelty

In a startling report released by the animal welfare charity Blue Cross, there has been a considerable rise in animal cruelty in the last year. Blue Cross has dealt with 1,530 stray and abandoned animals last year compared with 1,027 in 2010 with a rise of nearly 50%.

This shocking statistic echoes the RSPCA’s report with a 31% rise in calls to deal with abandoned animals and last year the charity took 28,162 abandoned calls compared to 27,755 in 2010. In 2007 they had a total of 21,481 with a rise of 31% over five years. In December 2011 there was only 1,997, the lowest it has been since 2008 when the charity received 1,878 calls during the same month. The RSPCA also received fewer calls about abandoned pets during the first few days of January 2012 compared to 390 in the same month last year.

The RSPCA reports a 31% rise in calls to deal with abandoned animals and last year the charity took 28,162 abandoned calls compared to 27,755 in 2010. In 2007 they had a total of 21,481 with a rise of 31% over five years.

In every city throughout the world there are lots of different excuses offenders use to why people mistreat animals. Animal abuse has been going on for years and is still a huge issue in the world. A very common form of abuse is animal testing. Cats are used for paediatrics study, chimps from the Air Force for research purposes in labs. Animals that are so called “pets” can also be abused by their owners. Common examples of abuse are not being fed properly, being beaten by their “loving” owners, intentional violence and neglect or abandonment.

Some people live right next animal that are being abused and don’t even realize that it’s happening. How can we tell that an animal is being abused? One way you can tell it’s happening it is an obvious aspects but if the pet doesn’t come out even to the garden.

If you suspect animal abuse near you there are many helplines one main one that many people have heard of is the Scottish SSPCA the number is on 03000 999 999.

By Rachel, Bobbi, Eden and Hannah

Goodbye Ugly

Yoda, a 15-year-old Chinese crested and Chihuahua mix, died on Saturday the 10th of March in her sleep. Last year she got all the fame at a competition when she was awarded ‘The Ugliest Dog in the World’ in California.

Yoda only weighed 1.8lbs (0.8kg) when she was found abandoned behind a building by Terry Schumacher. Terry mistakenly thought Yoda was a rat not a dog but Yoda went on to win $1000 dollars for her astonishing looks!

After her competition she was on T.V and also featured on a makeover show.

The little dog had short tuffs of hair, skinny little legs and a protruding tongue. Ms Schumacher said she will miss ‘her furry little ways’ but she is “comforted knowing she will be joining my Mom and Dad who loved her so much. Her memories will live on forever.”

By Libby

Latest News from the Animal Kingdom

Dinosaurs Move Into Chester Zoo.

A giant T-rex, a Brachiosaurus and a Stegosaurus are among the new arrivals that have joined tigers and elephants at Chester Zoo.

Nineteen life-like robotic dinosaurs have been transported all the way over from Texas in America for a new exhibition, which opens on April 1st.

Zoo manager Barbara Smith said: “Everybody loves dinosaurs, but there is an important message as well – if we don’t care for the animals today, like the black rhino… they could also become extinct like our dinosaur friends.”

Edinburgh Zoo’s Giant Pandas.

“Our Giant Pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang are a potential breeding pair and we are hopeful that during their time here they will breed successfully.” Edinburgh’s Panda Keeper said.

The female, Tian Tian, was born in August 2003 at the Bifengxia breeding centre in the Sichuan province of China. Her name translates to Sweetie in Chinese. She is described as having a mischievous nature and being quite fussy when it comes to bamboo.

The male, Yang Guang, was also born in August 2003 at a breeding facility in Mongolia. He moved to the Bifengxia breeding centre in March 2011. His name translated means Sunshine. He is described as a good-natured gentle giant. The two pandas will feel very much at home in Edinburgh Zoo hopefully.

By Adelle and Becky


Unemployment in Scotland rose by 16,000 in the three months from October to December to reach 231,000, according to official figures.

Scottish jobless rate =8.6% above UK average 8.4%.

Scottish finance secretary John Swinney said it was clear from the figures that “further sustained action” was needed to support Scotland’s economic recovery.

“We are determined to do all we can to create the right conditions for the private sector to create long-term sustainable jobs” David Mundell, Scotland Offices minister said.

A parent’s job loss increases the probability that a child repeats a grade in school by roughly 15%, according to a new paper from two economics professors at the University of California, Davis.

The level of income support for young unemployed people in Scotland and regulations surrounding its provision, clearly state that families are expected to contribute to the support of their offspring if they live at home and they are under 21 years.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from an upper class with good grades or from a lower class with good grades, it will be a struggle to find work for young people.

The job market is tough for everyone. But this recession has become a jobs disaster for 16 to 19 year olds.

Janine Dugdale, Unemployment Officer from JobCentre Plus, told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme: “There is no doubt this is nothing short of a national crisis the number of young people unemployed in Scotland is absolutely shocking and rising up 8,000 in the last three months.”

By Adelle, Becky, Laura and Libby

Local Update on PL and the local community

Here’s Shona with the latest news from Preston Lodge and the local community.

Shona has news on the miracle grannie from Prestonpans who came back to life, the exciting chance for PL students to cook for the queen and the newly appointed Gala Queen!

Wo hope you enjoy this report.


By Shona, Megan and Becky

Hoodie Gate!

Lately at Preston Lodge High School there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the new addition to the PL uniform, the new school hoodie has been causing a lot of confusion within the school! Initially the school hoodies were produced to be worn in the classroom but as the buyers of the garment were not following the rule of wearing your school uniform underneath which consists of a shirt and tie, actions had to be taken! The privilege of wearing your hoodie in the classroom was removed but this caused chaos at the high school and parents felt very strongly about the new rule, so some parents decided to show their opinions of the new policy. Mr Clark (head teacher) had a long think about his decision and decided to revoke his decision. As long as the pupils wear the correct uniform underneath the garment there will be no problem with wearing the hoodie. The reasons he had for not wanting the pupils to wear the hoodie in class were that in some practical classes such as Home Economics and Craft Design Technology, if you were not wearing uniform underneath then you cannot take part in the lesson but some children decided to wear nothing underneath so they couldn’t remove it!! Due to health and safety reasons children must wear uniform under the jumper.

Preston Lodge thinks that the advantages of wearing school uniform are:

* Encouraging a sense of belonging and pride in the school.

* Encouraging a purposeful attitude to school work and extra-curricular activities.

* Enhancing the image of the school in the community.

* Discouraging competition between pupils.

* Discouraging bullying and victimisation which may arise from pupils not having certain clothing or footwear.

* Improving safety in the classroom and in practical areas such as science labs.

* Improving school security through easy identification of intruders.

* Reducing pressure on families to buy expensive or designer clothes.

This is obviously an important matter to the teachers, but it is also just as important to the pupils. This is what some of them had to say about it:

* One pupil said “My opinion is that it makes everyone equal and if we all came to school in our normal casual wear some people could get bullied if they cannot afford nice clothing. Yes, I agree with school uniform because there could be a lot of friction between people because of clothing they could be wearing.”

* Another pupil said “I don’t agree with the tie, but apart from that I feel we should wear school uniform. I get why we have to wear a tie but I don’t like it.”

* Another pupil said “no I don’t agree with is because we won’t get lost, we should only wear it on school trips.”

Obviously school uniform is quite a controversial issue but luckily hoodie gate is now at an end.

By Megan and Becky

Sports Update

Here are Jonny and Angus with your latest sports update.


Click on the link above to see the boys in action.

By Craig, Angus and Jonny