Syrian Uprising

There have been reports of the Syrian army killing and torturing innocent citizens in Homs.

Many citizens and refugees have been trying to escape Syria and moving to countries like Turkey and Jordan but the Syrian army are blocking the way making the road dangerous.

The Syrian army are still blocking aid to the refugees in Homs and in this process they have been killing innocent citizens and the families of the refugees which are encouraging them to fight even more.

But the conditions that the refugees are living are bitter, they are forced to live in small shelters with no heating or electricity.

Nobody knows when the killing will end and how many more people will have to leave their homes because of this uprising.

Among these people are women and children who have been believed to been tortured and killed on Sunday night in the village of Karm el-Zeytoun.

The city of Homs has been under assault for weeks and the Syrian government have been trying to push out rebels and citizens have fled from the Karm el-Zeytoun area.

An activist in Homs reported that 26 children and 21 women were found dead some with their throats slit and some with stabbing wounds.

The SRGC (Syrian Revolution General Commission) said some victims of the attacks had been found burned alive with fuel poured over them and some with their limbs broken.

Mulham al-jundi an opposition activist told the BBC government that troops where firing rockets from tanks just outside the area.

Syria is now laying landmines over the borders between them and Turkey and Lebanon to stop refugees from escaping the violence in the country.

By Craig, Jonny, Liam and Angus

Viral Video Sweeps Across The Globe

Jason Russell’s video on Joseph Kony leader of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) has swept across the globe. The video runs out on the 31st December 2012. The video is aimed to try and let everyone know what is happening in Uganda and how these crimes affect the citizens of Uganda and that this should be stopped. The video claims that Ugandan children are being kidnapped and used for horrible things like boys are being used as child soldiers and are forced to kill their own parents and disfigure other people’s faces and girls are being used as sex slaves.

A charity has started to try and capture Kony and stop these terrible things from happening. This is aimed to stop this by the end of 2012, celebrities and politicians are getting themselves involved with the charity. However the charity are making a profit from this but are hopefully using the money to help the matter of events.

The video has been very successful with over 65 million hits on youtube and is making a lot of movement around social websites such as facebook and twitter. The U.S are getting involved president Barrack Obama has sent 100 U.S troops into Uganda to try and find Kony.

The idea of making Joseph Kony famous is to try and put his name everywhere so people will notice it and take deeper interest in the Kony 2012 campaign. A group of people in America who are supporting the campaign after watching the hit video where recently involved in an activity to put Kony’s name everywhere. They spent a whole night putting posters and pictures of him around the area. This activity has surprised people when they woke up to find a large number of pictures and posters of Joseph Kony around their community all over the walls and streets around them.

Overall this operation will hopefully lead to the capture of Kony and his rebel army and will end all fear of children in Uganda and should give people the idea of what will happen if they commit these crimes.

By Jonny, Craig, Angus and Liam

Bullying- How It Affects Young People Today

Bullying is a big part of school life whether we want it to be or not.

All over the world there are different cases of bullying, cyber, physical and verbal. Bullying is not just a problem for a minority of children; it is a widespread problem that can affect the environment of a whole school. According to Bullying UK’s 2006 National Bullying Survey, 69% of children in the UK report being bullied.

Beat Bullying gives some potential advice to young people about avoiding bullying. People are less likely to be picked on if they walk and sit with awareness, calm and confidence. Awareness, calm and confidence means keeping one’s head up, back straight, taking assertive steps, looking around, having a peaceful face and body, and moving away from people who might cause trouble.

However, it’s not always that easy. We spoke to a teacher at Preston Lodge High School who was a victim of bullying in her past. Her experiences have changed dramatically. After experiencing physical and verbal abuse over a period of 4 years including broken ribs, clothes set on fire and stones thrown until drawing blood, the victim was naturally scared of attending school. However, she reflects: “I didn’t really want to stand out, I just wanted to be invisible, so I stuck back. Now I realise I am worth more than that and I have become a much stronger person, because of the bullying and I wouldn’t let that happen now.”

Indeed, bullying is a big part of school life. If you are being bullied, tell a friend, tell a teacher or parents. It won’t stop unless you do. It can be hard to do this so if you don’t feel you can do it in person it might be easier to write a note to your parents explaining how you feel.

Even celebrities have experienced bullying in their past. For example, Tom Cruise had moved schools fourteen times by the time he was 15 due to his dad moving around trying to find work. This was not the only problem – he was also dyslexic and because of moving around constantly, his social life suffered immensely. Dyslexia caused him to be bullied badly at school. He says the kids made fun of him, but the experience had made him tough inside and he learned to accept ridicule. He is now a famous movie star.
Shockingly, It is estimated that almost 170,000 children are absent from school because they fear being bullied. Last year 38 children committed suicide because of being bullied. 38% of young people have been affected by cyber-bullying. 38% of disabled children worried about being bullied. 18% of children and young people who worried about bullying said they would not talk to their parents about it. Almost (46%) of children and young people say they have been bullied at school at some point in their lives. 25% of children say that teachers intervened in bullying incidents while 71% of teachers say they intervened. Multiple children have been ignored by teachers whilst being bullied. A bully is 5 times more likely to have a serious criminal record when he/she grows .

Tragically, it’s not just the victim of bullying who suffers. It can also affect their family members too. Roger Crouch committed suicide at his home near Winchcombe, after son Dominic 15, died in May 2010. Mr Crouch killed himself after his son committed suicide. Dominic jumped off the top of a building near his school because he was bullied. Roger was found at his home on the 28th November 2011 by his wife Paola. This shows that bullying is a serious issue all over the world. Bullying now effects people from the age of 5 to the working age.

People are now risking their lives just because they’re being badly bullied and something has to be done.

We spoke to Ms Welch, one of the guidance teachers here at Preston Lodge to hear how bullying affects people at our own school.
Please click on the link below to see our interview!

By Brooke, Steven, Ellie, Megan, Georgia and Erin

Referendum for Scottish Independence

Please check back later for our interesting interview with Mr Munro as he answers all of our questions about the debate of Scottish Independence.

The Referendum for Scottish Independence.

There is a big debate going on just now about Scottish Referendum. The Scottish Referendum is all about how the SNP believe ‘nothing is being done in the UK’ and Scotland feel becoming independent will put an end to it. This idea was originally thought of by SNP leader Alex Salmond but Prime Minister David Cameron disagrees.

In 2014 there will be a vote to decide whether to go Independent or not. Scots are not sure whether this will be a good for them or not. David Cameron has defended the union claiming that both Scotland and England would be weaker as independent nations. “Of course Scotland could govern its self, so could England but we do it so much better together. The union helps to make Scotland stronger, safer, richer and fairer.” David Cameron said.

Salmond said to BBC that if Cameron was going to make any more offers to greater Devolution, then he should spell it out.

Recent polls suggest that only between 30 and 40% of Scots would vote for independence. Many Scottish citizens are now questioning whether becoming independent will be a good thing.

by Laura, Libby, Adele and Becky

2 Minute Update on the News from Around the Globe

Hi, we’re Brooke, Ellie and Steven here with your news from around the Globe. Please find a link to our 2 minute upadte at the bottom!

Four more bodies have been found from the Costa Concordia ship wreck!
But still some missing!
Search teams have found four more bodies in the wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia which capsized on 13 January. Officials say 32 people died in the disaster but only 17 bodies had been found before the new announcement. The captain of the cruise was already abandoning the ship before all those aboard were evacuated and has now been accused of manslaughter. News reports confirmed that bodies had been found but could not say how many. The bodies are in a state of decomposition after all this time in the water.

Singer Adele bags six Grammy’s!

Singer Adele was the big winner at the Grammy awards in L.A. on Sunday the 12th of February 2012, winning six Grammies including, record, song and album of the year.
She also gave her first live performance since September last year.
Adele won every award she had been nominated for, record of the year, song of the year and best music video for ‘rolling in the deep’. Her second album “21” was named album of the year.
Also on the 21st of February she won two Brit awards for best British album and also she won the best British female.

Avatar technology to become a reality

The US are researching robots that can be partnered and ‘act as a soldiers surrogate’. The research will “Develop interfaces and algorithms to enable a soldier to partner with a machine and allow it to act as the soldiers surrogate”. The developers have already built a robot that is used for lugging around heavy gear named ‘AlphaDog’.

And finally….

Porsche stuck

A man behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 decided to take a shortcut through some traffic cones in San Francisco – when his car quickly slowed down the driver noticed that he had driven through a pile of cement. The car was stuck but so was the driver. The unfortunate incident caught the eye of a number of spectators, who watched the six-man crew dig the Porsche out with a pair of wooden planks.

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60 Second Update of News from Around the World

60 Second Update of News from Around the World

by Brooke, Ellie and Steven

Sports Update- Latest News on Rangers Video Report

Charlie Mulgrew ‘Wonder goal’

Charlie Mulgrew Celtic FC player scored a fantastic goal in their fixture against Dunfermline football club on the 22nd of Feburary 2012. The young full-back scored the opener in the 32nd minute of the game. Neil Lennon said ‘it is a wonder goal it sums up how he is playing at the moment’. James Forrest scored Celtics 2nd in the match. Celtic are now cruising at 20 points top of the table. Rangers are currently 2nd and Motherwell at 3rd. Celtics next fixture is at home to Motherwell.

Carlos Tevez could play ‘within weeks’

Carlos Tevez took a 3 month unofficial leave of absence after row with Mancicni in September.
The striker Tevez returned to the club last week and said sorry to manager Roberto Mancini
Mancini said: “I’ve accepted his apology. I think he needs two to three weeks to train, then some games.”
Carlos Tevez said he’s sorry to anyone that his actions offended or let down.
Tevez will now be a 4th choice striker if Aguero keeps producing what he has already this season.

Inter Milan where shocked when they were beat 1-0 by a late header from Marseilles Andre Ayew.
He scored in injury time just when the game was looking like a goalless draw Ayew rose above the inter defence and headed home a goal to give Marseille a 1-0 advantage in the first leg of the last 16.
Inter will not accept an easy defeat and will give Marseille a hard game when they come to Italy for the second leg.


We leave you with the rugby six nations this Saturday.
Ireland are playing Italy on Saturday at the Aviva stadium at half past 1 followed by England against wales at Twickenham at 4 o’clock.
Scotland and France are playing at Murrayfield on Saturday at 3 o’clock.
That is the latest sports update on rugby.

Please find below our full report on the latest update for Rangers.
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By Craig, Jonny, Angus and Liam

Report on Rangers going into administration

The Falklands Debate

Who owns what?
That’s what all the residents at the remote island of the Falklands are all thinking as the debate of the Argentinian government and the British government carries on after a number of years.
The Argentinians believe that the Falklands are theirs and always have been, although the British government have taken responsibility for all the actions they have made.
The Argentinians has got the support of well-known actor Sean Penn. He gave his statement to the press stating that the argument is old and unnecessary from the British government. Stuck in the middle are the Falkland Island residents as no one has asked for their thought or opinion on this case. One resident got his say in an interview with the BBC a few days ago. He said: “We have no general food supplies, we are running low on milk and have no fruit or veg it’s getting out of hand “.
This doesn’t look like the debate is going to end soon.

by Rachel, Bobbi, Hannah and Eden