Learning Skills



Our Learning Skills programmes aim to support students in developing the skills needed to access and maximise learning.

It’s about “foregrounding” the processes of learning. The more self-aware learners are to the processes they undergo when learning, the nearer the learner gets to becoming self-directing. It’s about process, not necessarily content. The three programmes are as follows:

S1 – Skills for Learning
S2 – Skills for Thinking
S3 – Skills for Studying

All three programmes are collaboratively planned using the Learning Cycle and evaluated throughout the session. Each course is delivered to students in a period of dedicated time each week. Students attend in their practical sets of twenty. The PT Classroom Practice has responsibility for the overseeing of delivery of these courses.

S1 Course – Skills for Learning

Our S1 course is all about developing key learner behaviours and attributes.


S2 Course – Skills for Thinking

In S2 we will learn about different ways to structure thinking and thinking tools that can be used to help.

S3 Course – Skills for Studying

The S3 course is designed to support students as they enter the Senior Phase by developing key study and organisational skills. It also supports students in creating their S3 Profile.