Preston Lodge Learning Festival 2019

The sixth instalment of the Preston Lodge Learning Festival will take place on

Friday 27th September 2019

Join us for an afternoon of high quality professional learning. Share, explore and develop your pedagogy at a festival of learning created by teachers, for teachers.

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You can now see descriptions and take your pick of the 35 Learning Conversations on offer at this year’s Preston Lodge Learning Festival.

Professor Kate Wall will kick off the afternoon by discussing what practitioner enquiry is all about and how we can make it more doable, and then there will be the chance to take part in three Learning Conversations.

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Best practice for EAL students

Course Description: My intention is to show a power point which outlines some of the theory of acquiring academic English when it is an additional language.
After that I would lead a discussion about what is best practice with our cohort of EAL students. I am hoping that anybody who wants to participate will have some ideas of what has worked with our EAL learners or where they have found difficulty in adapting the curriculum for them

Course Categories: Planning for EAL in subject areas.

Course Suitability: Anybody who is interested in EAL.

Course Facilitator: Jean Knox

Dates & Times: Thursday March 16th 4pm-6pm

Location: LZ 0

GTCS Standards: 2.2

Posted in EAL

Applying Making Thinking Visible

This course will involve three sessions looking at the thinking routines which can be used to make thinking visible in our classrooms.

Course Suitability: Classroom Teachers, Principal Teachers, Senior Management

Course Facilitator: Sally Miller, Gillian Duthie, Jeni Ewan, Stuart Watt, Yvonne Binks

Dates & Times: 12/05/2016, 26/05/2016 & 16/06/2016

Location: PLHS – social studies classroom

GTCS Standards: Teaching and learning:
•Plan coherent, progressive and stimulating teaching programmes which match learners’ needs and abilities
•Communicate effectively and interact productively with learners, individually and collectively
•Employ a range of teaching strategies and resources to meet the needs and abilities of learners
•Have high expectations of all learners
•Work effectively in partnership in order to promote learning and wellbeing

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