Asthma: Week 35 25 – 31 August – A Guide for Patients/Carers

Rise in Asthma Attacks

Did you know there is a rise in Asthma Attacks in August when pupils go back to school after their summer holidays?

Each year we see an increase in asthma attacks in children when they return to school which often result in admission to hospital. 

Check out our top tips to try and avoid this happening.

Remember, asthma attacks are serious and you need to get help day or night if your child is not responding to their blue inhaler.

Holland 2019: Day 1 & 2 The Journey and Arrival

Hello Prestonpans – this is Valkenburg calling.

Welcome to our first post from the adventure to Holland 2019.

The overnight crossing was very successful and our PL travellers where the stars of the dance floor and where complemented by other travellers for their good humour.

We have arrived in Valkenburg safe and sound and are settled into the Hotel Op De Boud.

The weather is spectacular. This has led to the perhaps inevitable but nevertheless unfortunate situation where three of the young people melted, although this will not be welcome news for parents it has resulted in additional space on the coach. Every cloud, etc.

The Rodelbahn was very popular with our adventurers and everyone used the chairlift , even  those who had previously indicated that they would be refusing due to height issues.

Ice cream has been very popular, however, it too is melting!

We will call again tomorrow after our outing to Phantasialand

Gathering evidence for School Improvement



21 June 2019


Dear Parent/Carer


Gathering evidence for School Improvement

Each year we take a look at our work and gather opinions around how we might best improve the learning of young people.

This year we focus that feedback on two key areas of our School Improvement Plan for next session – family views on classroom learning and school feedback on student progress – and we would really like to hear the views of all of our parents and carers. Accordingly, we have put together a very short survey which you can find by following this link:

We simply want you to tell us how you think we are doing in these areas and/or how we might improve the learning experience in our school. There is also an opportunity to add any other comments that you might wish to make around school improvement.

I do hope you will give us your opinion – the survey takes only minutes to complete and we would really value your views.

Yours sincerely

Gavin Clark








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