7 thoughts on “Senior Dance”

  1. i think it should be for all the s4 too 🙁 it is not fair because last year the s4 got to go, i was looking forword to it 🙂

  2. no they did not get to go there was 4 tickets left last year so certain 4th years got those tickets but not everybody got to go so i would assume it would be the same this year

  3. its a SENIOR dance.. fourth years are not allowed to come.. they have the chance when they are in 5th and 6th year.. if they come in fourth year that means they have three years of coming to the dance

  4. I agree.
    It’s a senior dance, if fourth years got to come, what would stop first, second and third years wanting to?
    And no, before anyone says “like you wearing your black shirt..”

    5th years are also counted as seniors.
    and apparently, seniors earn rights 🙂
    so… stay on at school kids, you get a new dress 😉

  5. what happened to leavers gettin to come back for the dance? i was looking forward to coming back

  6. Well I’m pretty sure that 6th year leavers aren’t allowed to come this year because last years behaviour and such was appauling, so this year they are tightening up on who is allowed in. We’re not allowed people from outside school either, sorry folks!
    Life’s so unfair 🙁

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