9 thoughts on “PL’s got talent”

  1. I think that the Preston Lodge website is absolutely superb most other East Lothian school websites only consist of what they want, not what the pupils want so I want to congratulate you on your website well done Mr.Galbraith

  2. Not at the school anymore but I personally feel that this school is legendary and always will be.As u may knw myself and a elite few won the talent contest last year. anyway good site and talent contest is brillaint.

  3. Lee, you are welcome to come back and defend your title – if you’re brave enough!

  4. i was just at the school concert last night and i never actually realised how much brill talent in the school and i was amazed at the such young ages whitch have a number of different instruments they can play well done for that 😀 😉 🙂

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