Preston Lodge 1st and 2nd in the S6 Outdoor Challenge 2007

Team Preston Lodge:

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Vikki Burns, Kirsty Hamilton, Ottalie Richardson, Euan Slight, Robert Dommershuzen, Craig Nisbet, Gordon Wilson, Debbie Brown, Linzi Dixon, Jamie Thompson, Ross McCally, Jennifer Campbell

Winners (and Runners Up)!! of the East Lothian Outdoor Challenge 2007


Preston Lodge Sixth Year entered two teams into this years East Lothian Outdoor Challenge, which took place at Yellowcraigs, near North Berwick.

The two teams which consisted of 3 girls and 3 boys in each team had to endure the challenges. After completing all their challenges the teams waited to hear the results. Preston Lodge were then delighted to hear that a second place finish was in place but there was more to come when the other Preston Lodge team were crowned winners.

A first and second place for the S6 teams!!!

Well Done guys!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Preston Lodge 1st and 2nd in the S6 Outdoor Challenge 2007”

  1. All the 6th years who took part had a great time, despite the nasty weather.
    We were all jumping for joy when we won!
    Go PL!

  2. this was so much fun… was tiring with all the running and was very cold and wet.. but we won regardless 🙂

  3. PL ROCKS!!!!!!!!! esp S6
    tht was well fun n i would do it again if any 1 asked me to do it again, times were hard but we stuck through it n came
    1st AND 2nd, WOOP WOOP!!

  4. im just replying to Debbie, yeah it was very good and we all worked as a unit 🙂 good times

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