Science, Engineering and Technology Project


Two graduates from Torness Power Station are backing a bid to enthuse youngsters in a career in science as part of a new scheme launched for the first time in East Lothian.

Dermot O’Loughlin and Tim Whitmore, both graduate engineers at the East Lothian based nuclear power station, are supporting a group of youngsters from Preston Lodge through the ten week Go4SET programme.

The new initiative, run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) brings together S2 pupils, teachers and industry representatives to encourage young people to fulfil their potential through careers in science, engineering and technology.

Working as a team, the pupils will be working on a water conservation project, and will have to research, design and build a model for recycling water for their school.

Recycling water is something the Torness graduates are extremely knowledgeable about, as running a nuclear power station requires extremely pure water to pass through the boilers and turbine to produce steam and generate electricity.

Producing this pure water is expensive and therefore requires to be recycled and used again.

In addition, sea water, used to cool different systems within the plant, is also recycled back into the environment.

Mentors Dermot (27) from Edinburgh and Tim (23) from Prestonpans said: “As well as sharing our experience of water conservation on a commercial scale, we will be helping the pupils develop project management techniques to ensure they cover all the areas they need to but also in methods of developing ideas to solutions.”

“As mentors, we get a great sense of personal satisfaction from helping in this project and encouraging others to follow what has so far been a very positive experience in the engineering profession and nuclear industry for us.”

Colin Cruickshank, a technology teacher at Preston Lodge is delighted that Torness Power Station is supporting the project.

He said: “It is great to have Dermot and Tim on board and who will be sharing their valuable skills and knowledge to help improve our school environment through this science project. The pupils are all keen to do their bit to improve water efficiency by harnessing rain water to reduce the school costs and help the environment too.

Go4SET Pupil Photo

The Preston Lodge pupils taking part in the project are all from 2nd year, they are

  • Owen Thomson 2Gr2
  • Callum Price 2Gr2
  • Lee Matzke 2Gr3
  • Taylor McKillop 2Gr2
  • Sandy Nicoll 2Go2
  • Ronan Hare 2Gr3
  • Kate Wilson 2Go2
  • Karen Munro 2Se1
  • Nicholas Garrity 2Gr2
  • Andrew Kerr 2Gr3
  • Neil Wylie 2Se1

Only six schools in South East Scotland are involved in the project and Preston Lodge is the only East Lothian school taking part.
Dr Aileen Lothian, Go4SET Regional Co-ordinator said, “Go4SET aims to give schools the opportunity of working with and being mentored by specialists chosen from the complete spectrum of science, engineering and technology (SET) disciplines”.

“Work related learning, within an industrial enterprise context, is at the core of the Go4SET experience. Pupils will benefit from personal development in their education, enhancing their powers of creativity and innovation. “