Chamonix – The Itinerary

Friday 20th Departure
Arrive at Preston Lodge at 10:40 to register : leave 11:00 hrs

Saturday 21st
Arrive after lunch, settle into hotel, explore the locality

Sunday 22nd Chamonix
Morning : Mer de Glace, visit ice caves,
Afternoon : Parc de Loisirs – the highlight is usually the luge (weather permitting).
Once you start on that it’s really downhill all the way.

Monday 23rd Our Cultural Day
Annecy : visit historic town of Annecy (shopping opportunity), sail on the lake

Tuesday 24th Our Swiss Day (That early start – there are two six o’clocks in a day – oh NOoooooo !!!)
Morning – the water park at Beauveret
Afternoon – the chocolate factory at Broc (yum, yum !)

Wednesday 25th Back to Chamonix
The Aiguilles du Midi (morning, lunch high in the mountains)
Chamonix town – an afternoon shopping opportunity, buy presents
All going well, a final session on the luge ……………

Thursday 26th Return Journey
Pack up, cruise up through France, catch a late evening ferry

Friday 27th Homecoming
Arrive Preston Lodge – probably around 10:00 hrs

The weather looks to be shaping up really well. If you want to see the 10-day forecast, paste the following link into your browser bar :