Hyper Holland

Holland continues with another excellent day out. We travelled into Belgium to visit Bobbejaanland Theme Park – well worth the trip. The Preston Lodge guys ‘n’ gals hit the rides with their usual bravado – no ride is too scary for us. Bring it on!

Mrs Christie played a key role today guarding bags and catching some rays while the rest of us fought in the queues for the rides and tried to cram as much junk food as possible into 5 hours. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Health Promoting Schools is what WE are talking about!

We have heard that the Chamonix trip is enduring its toughest year EVER as Whatcott’s jokes have reached an all time low. We thought they couldn’t get any worse! Mr Stewart and Joe our bus driver are putting up a good fight for the title of bad joke teller 2008 – the score stands at 10 all so far. Have you heard the one about blah blah blah…?

Pupils are encountering significant challenges this week in managing their money. Some pupils are trying to work (or should I say “diddle”) the bank system to claim as many euros as possible to play in the arcades. On a serious note, parents, you should expect some bouncy balls and cheap teddy bears as your holiday souvenir this year. In fairness, many of them are putting their minds towards some last minute (panic) gift buying in Gouda tomorrow – a block of cheese anyone?!

The pupils have been great and we can all be proud of the way they have represented the school and themselves this week. Having said this, with 2 sleeps to go and excitement mounting, we may change our minds on this one!

Who will buy the most cheese in Gouda? Who will be the first to declare bankruptcy? Who will be the pupil to lose their mobile phone (there is always one)? Will we win the quiz on the boat again? Will we get any sleep during our last night at the Hotel? Click on Prestonlodge.net on Friday to find out!

Over and out.

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One thought on “Hyper Holland”

  1. Hi All.What a great thing this blog is keeping up with the trip.Knew Vera wouldnt let the side down as far as the fast rides were concerned,no fear at all.Kids realy enjoying themselves and keeping up with traditional healthy eating plan. Great to come into work (sorry dreaded word for some)and have a chuckle with all the blah blah and now banter between the two trips, great stuff and well done to the authors. Have a great summer all. Viv

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