Chamonix – River Deep, Mountain High

As has happened every day so far, dawn has broken although so far, no-one has actually given us a bill for the breakages. We’re quite glad as we don’t actually feel it’s our fault. Last night we saw a couple of clouds lurking but they crept away during the night. So once again, the horn peak – having been bathed in yesterday’s gentle evening rays – was kissed by the early morning sun. What an idyllic existence.

However we had time to contemplate the success of our trip so far. It’s been so warm that temperatures are almost high enough to meet Mrs Proudfoot’s stringent criteria for ‘hot enough’. After four years with us she has gone on the Holland trip. She’ll probably find it rather flat after our trip to the French Alps. There’s a palpably untrue rumour that the teachers only went on that trip because they had heard that Holland’s major (only) geographic feature was the Cider Sea. Sorry chaps. It was actually the Zuyder See and it was non-alcoholic. That’ll be a geography joke then!!!

Periodically we’re finding “Blah, blah, blah’ inserted into our blog. Reading the Holland trip blog it’s obvious who the culprit is. There’s only one person with administrator rights. (However, it does at least show he’s mastered the use of ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ commands and why in an earlier life he taught sums rather than English.)

Anyway back to the ranch, or more precisely the Hotel L’Aveniere where Jean-Paul and his staff have been ministering most excellently to our needs. We now have a new award. With two of our lads having won the Lie-In King Awards, it was the turn of the girls this morning. Bearing in mind that it’s a jungle out there, we now have the Lie-Iness Award. Josie and Jade went all out to win it, Josie winning when Jade blinked first. One extreme to the other Josie ? However, Josie proved that girls can get up, shower, do their hair and still get to breakfast in under 10 minutes if they want to. Theme tune of the day “I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in”.

Breakfast eaten, lunches made and on to the bus even faster than yesterday, we set off for Chamonix. We arrived at the Aiguilles du Midi where we found that the various accesses we would normally use were all blocked off and the car park closed. Just what you’d expect at Chamonix’s Premier attraction. Signage and advance warning – zero. Well done chaps.

Anyway we bought the tickets and went up in the cable cars. Normally these go up like rockets but today were very sedate. The cause – wind higher up. That meant we couldn’t go across the ice field in the smaller telecabine but we enjoyed the dramatic scenery, the bracing mountain air and the cafe.

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Then it was back into Chamonix for lunch and shopping. I get the impression that most of the girls enjoy shopping and there’s only one thing better than that – more shopping ! After that and it was off to the Parc de Loisirs for a final couple of shots on the luge.

That was exciting but then the real excitement began. A Frenchman tried to take Ava’s sunglasses, claiming they belonged to his daughter. The girls came back and got Miss McCredie (family motto : Nemo Me Impune Lacessit : aka you REALLY don’t want to mess with THIS lady !). Showing a pugnacity at odds with her normal, gentle demeanour, she retrieved the glasses effortlessly – leaving the errant Frenchman with, as they say, his gas at a low peep. To (mis)quote a 10cc song “She was cool, she was calm, she was always in control. She said ‘Blood will flow’…”

Then it was back to the hotel for dinner where the entree was a really nice cheese in pastry dish followed by – oh, nirvana – pommes frites. In the best French tradition they were accompanied by steak hache (burgers). The moo was still echoing around the kitchen as they were being served. However, that cow’s ultimate sacrifice was not in vain.

So it was that the evening finished with football and a lot of packing for the morrow.

Quotes of The Day
“They strawberry tarts were like steak pies without the steak.”
(Last night’s dessert was strawberries and cream in puff pastry)
(On walking out on to the observation platform at the top of the Aiguilles)
“That’s a real luge. Better than that one in First Year”
(Thanks for that. He did tell me which country the trip went to but I couldn’t find ‘Pays-Bas’ in the atlas).
“Martin, are you going to audition for the part of Legless when they remake Lord Of The Rings ?”
(He’s had to put up with a lot of limp or lame jokes about his knee but he takes it in good part.)
“How do you ask for pommes frites ?”
It’s a wild guess but it might, just might, be ‘pommes frites'”

5 thoughts on “Chamonix – River Deep, Mountain High”

  1. Hi All.You are all having such a great time and I am so jealous.Weather not so good here but spirits are kept high due to the blog updates every morning making us laugh and smile at the photos. No comment on the jokes.Enjoy the rest of the trip and have a great summer. Viv

  2. There’s actually four administrators, two of whom are on the Holland trip, and two of us left here to keep you from demolishing each other’s work!

    Anyway, hope you’re all having a good time, can’t wait for everyone’s next installments!

  3. excellent, wondered how long it would take josi to lapse into “not getting up mode”!
    Glad your all having a great time.
    see ou soon Josi.
    Luv Mum. x

  4. Good work Euan – glad you are doing your bit 😉

    I prefer to just let them get on with their Celebrity PL Activities Week Blog Deathmatch. :o)

  5. Enoyed reading about all the activities etc. – Isn’t the net wonderful? Anyway this is just to say that I think a big thank you is due to the teachers for making this trip possible and so memorable for the pupils. I am sure every parent will join me here.

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