Revised Pupil Timetables

The timetable being operated in August 2008 is slightly different from that used in June.

Download and print your new timetable from the list below. To do this you must know which year group and register class you are in.

S1 and S2 pupils will also need to know which Practical set they are in.

S5 and S6



S2 Group A  2Go1,2Gr1, 2Se1

S2 Group B  2Go2, 2Gr2

S2 Group C  2Se2, 2Se3

S1 Group A  1Go1, 1Gr1, 1Se1 (Except 1a4A)

S1 Group B   1Go2, 1Gr2, 1Se2  (Except 1a4B)

S1 Group C  1Go3, 1Gr3 (Except 1a4)

S1 Practical Set 1a4