East Lothian S4 Outdoor Challenge 2009

Some of our regular readers may recall that in the 2007 S6 Outdoor Challenge our two teams came 1st and 2nd in this annual competition involving all six of the East Lothian Secondary Schools. In the 2008 S6 Outdoor Challenge our team once again won their competition. Our S6 are undefeated in this event.

How could our S4 better this ??
Well on Friday 4th Sept our two S4 teams took part in the S4 Outdoor Challenge 2009 and managed to improve on the 1st and 2nd place standard of 2007 – by coming 1st equal – with each other!!

Well done to both of our teams for setting such a high standard.

PLHS Team 1

PLHS Team 2

Scott Robertson Sean Gaffney
Paul Dixon Jack Longmuir
Maia Aitken Mark Singer
Jenna Stevens Karen Munro
Rachel Connachan Jennifer Tait
Jack Ferguson Emma Cullen

The event comprised of a variety of physical and mental outdoor based challenges including orienteering, fire-starting, rope work skills etc…

Both the School and Outdoor Education staff and organisers were immensely impressed by the way both Preston Lodge teams worked together to score the highest number of points out of all the teams – in almost every task.

Consequently, in the end there was nothing to separate both teams and a joint first place was secured – by a long way for our school.

The competition was organised by East Lothian Outdoor Education staff and each secondary school sent two teams to the John Muir Country Park near Dunbar.

A great day out for the pupils (and staff!), and a high bench-mark set early for the year ahead.

Well done and congratulations to all of those involved.

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