Ecuador 2011 – Parents meeting 1/10/09

Those who attended the assembly launch should have been mailed an invitation for their parents. Don’t forget – Thursday 1st October, 6:30 here at school.

2 thoughts on “Ecuador 2011 – Parents meeting 1/10/09”

  1. Hello
    My daughter is interested in the expedition to Ecuador and I have the ivitation to attend on the 1st of october at 6.30pm but I also have to attend the open day for the new first years at 6.45pm on the same evening.HELP!!! I need to attend both events to support my children any suggestions ???

  2. I would think that unless the first meeting is really short and the meetings are really close together then you can only attend one. If you daughter will almost certainly be traveling to Ecuador then the second Ecuadorian meeting will make little difference to the final outcome. I think that you should attend the first meeting only.

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