S5 Outdoor Challenge 2009: Preston Lodge win again!!

Preston Lodge High School continues winning streak!!

In recent months, Preston Lodge High School has excelled in the ELC Outdoor Challenges organised for each year group by East Lothian Council’s Outdoor Education Department.

Last session Preston Lodge retained the S6 Challenge, followed by success in the S2 Orienteering Challenge.  A few weeks ago we entered two teams into the S4 Outdoor Challenge, which was held at John Muir Country Park.  The Preston Lodge teams proved too much for the other secondary school teams and took joint first places.

On Friday 25th Sept the S5 Outdoor Challenge 2009 was held around North Berwick Law,  two Preston Lodge teams of S5 students secured first and third place in a very closely fought competition.

In these challenges, the competing teams are faced with a variety of  physical and mental challenges such as an orienteering, tight rope course construction, fire-lighting problems, rock climbing etc.

The photograph shows the S5 winning team, with proud Preston Lodge staff Gordon Kidd and Brian Frost who assist in running these events.  The winning students (from left to right) are; Andrew O’Brian, Neil Moyes, Kier Stewart, Stephen Huish, Lindsay McNeil and Samantha Naylor.

S5 Outdoor Challenge 2009 - Winners
East Lothian S5 Outdoor Challenge 2009 - Winners Preston Lodge

Chemistry teachers, Kidd and Frost, both former Preston Lodge High School pupils, said, “These events are thoroughly enjoyed by all who take part.  We see the students from all schools working very closely together in their respective teams and the confidence that is instilled in them by these events is wonderful.”

The next Outdoor Challenge is on Friday 9th October, and it will be the turn of the S3 pupils from across the county to do battle.

Can Preston Lodge maintain their impressive run and make it 5 in a row?

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