Staff v Students Football…

Pupils 0  Staff 2

( Bennion 10, Quinn 27)

 There were some outstanding performances from the teachers once again in this annual event. After a shaky start, things started to click for them and it was not just their knees and hips! 

Noteworthy performers from the staff side were Mr Ramsay with his leaping like a salmon heading skills, Mr Clark with his slip, slide, fall, handball combos, Mr Bell for his brave interceptions and blocks (ouch!) and Mr Bennion for his cool as a cucumber finishing. Special mentions go to Mr Bishop for his nonchalant defending style, Mr Cruickshank for his experience and calm demeanour under pressure and (last but not least) Miss Dalgliesh for her combative approach which contrasted with Miss Walker’s more delicate touches.

However, there were two players who stood out as the staff’s finest – step forward dynamic duo Rose and Redford. No matter where the ball was there seemed to be a bald teacher pressing or creating space and chances. Mr Rose was at the core of the team winning tackles and making passes while Mr Redford was happy kicking the ball, pupils or anything that came remotely close to him.

A joint man of the match award to Redford and Rose, PL’s own Xavi and Iniesta (sorry Mr Thomas, had to change the original metaphor as Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole are s-o-o-o-o 1990s – get with it, Mr Egg Chaser!)

Thanks to all the teachers involved – for a short time we can all walk a little taller now! Thanks also to the pupils who competed gallantly but will probably not want to admit they participated…you know who you are!

 Mr Thomas

Footnote – this Staff v Seniors match was a pre-curser to the main event this week of the Inter House Football competition. See the article about this event for more details.