Ecuador 2011: Final preparation day.

You now have more info on the destinations, project and expedition itinerary:
There will be times when we are out of contact for a couple of days but we will try to update you as often as possible. Outlook have a regular ‘check-in’ system in place with the groups. The itinerary is flexible to suit changing conditions we may incurr, before a change is made the ops room will be informed.
School Equipment, we missed this topic during our last meeting. Please take a small amount of ‘useful stuff’ pencils, crayons, note books etc. If time permits phone around others in your team to sort out what’s going.
Mobile phones, network coverage is unknown so these may be useless in Ecuador, if networks are available the cost will be very high. 
Final Departure Meeting, Musselburgh Community Learning Centre at 09:00 -13:00. Kit check, tents, cookers issued & final briefing before departure to Glasgow, packed lunch/snack may be needed.
Please drop off students fully packed, ‘ready to adventure’, remember the Yellow Fever certificate is needed to allow entry to Ecuador.

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