Prize Giving finale for end of term…tonight!




 Tuesday 21st June 2011

at 7.30pm

Running Order

Welcome and Address – Mr G Clark, Head Teacher

   Preston Lodge Pipe Band

 S1 Academic Prizes

 Meghan Collins, Morven Daly, John Devine, Andrew Dobie, Arran Lawson, Claire McGovern,

 Morgan McKinlay, Kirsten Provan, Michael Ward


 S2 Academic Prizes

 Bruce Dickson, Beth Edwards, Roseanna Gaffney, Ruairi Mason, Alexa McCraw, Ciara McCumiskey,

Kirsten Moore, Kieran Murphy


 S3 Academic Prizes

 Kristina Burns, Julia Gribbin, Nicholas Lynch, Craig Munro, Ashton Ritchie, Sarah Robertson,

Jenny Tran, Jason Wood



 For Outstanding Performance

 Rebecca Murdoch          Fraser Johnston

 Special Sporting Awards

 Arran Lawson, Claire McGovern, Jamie Purves, Danielle Edmond, Liam Storrie, Katie Cochrane


Senior Item – “Bridge over Troubled Water”


S4 Academic Prizes and Certificates of Distinction

 Louise Bain, Scott Naylor

 S4 Academic Prizes

 Cameron McSorley, Clara Owen, Paul Smith

 S4 Certificates of Distinction

 Vanessa Bartie, Lindsey Black, Caley Cairns, Chloe Carson, Anna Devine, Jodie Dickson, Natalie Edmond,

 Kirsty Edwards, Laura Gibbons, Rhona Henderson, Thomas Johnston, Daniel Jordinson, David Lang,

Alanna MacFarlane, Amy MacFarlane, David Martin, Megan McDonald, Thea McDougall Andrew Morgan,

David Noon, Cara Ross, Ryan Samson, Emma Scott, Amy White, Luke Wilson, Emmelie Young

  Dux of S4

  Amy Kerr

  Rebecca Muir

                                                                  Brodie Sandilands                                                                

Advanced Higher Class – “One and Only

Guest Speaker

 Norman Drummond


 S5 Academic Prizes and Certificates of Distinction

 Rachel Connachan, Emma Cullen, Sean Gaffney, Michael McKirdy, Rachel Murdoch, Kate Wilson


 S5 Certificates of Distinction

 Rebecca Atkins, Kathryn Berg, Paul Berg, Iona Campbell, Oda Dahle, Stephanie Harkes, Callum Johnston,

Fraser Johnston, Hendrikje Lange, Jack Longmuir, Morgan MacColl, Gerard O’Brien, Sneha Peters,

 Scott Robertson, Heidi Schott, Megan Spence, Ben Stewart, Jennifer Tait, Kerry Torley, Katie White

S6 Prizes for Academic Excellence and Certificates of Distinction

Brian Dickson, Andrew O’Brien, Jennifer Walker, Ellen Whillans


 S6 Academic  Prizes

 Vaila Cameron, Nicole Walsh


 S6 Certificates of Distinction

 Lauren Boyle, Kirstin Brown, Louise Dobie, Bethany Eeles, Stephen Huish, Kirsty McLeod, Neil Moyes,

Kayleigh O’Hara, Christie Sinclair, Aaron Steedman, Laurie Turner


     Special Awards

 Beith Bequest for Service to the School

 Neil Moyes           Jennifer Walker


Service to the Library

Bethany O’Neill          Richard Winter


     Peter Ford Award

 Rikki McNeil

Alex Valenzuela

Bethany O’Neill


House Trophy Presentation

GRANGE HOUSE – Louise Dobie


The Fraser Keirnan Memorial Award

 Yvonne Meek

Contribution to the Music Department & Parent Council Award for Musical Excellence  

Glen Muir



Taylor McKillop


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