Benvienido a Ecuador

First night in QuitoDay 1: The groups settled into a hostel and find their way around town. All pupils and staff accounted for and all happy and well.

Day 2:  The groups organised the trips planned ahead using their excellent Spanish skills.  The locals understood what was said, but unfortunately the pronunciation differences sent them on a wild goose chase across Quito.   Challenge Anika moved into motion while the groups sped around town on the hunt for the various companies to finalise and pay for the planned activities.

Day 3: The two groups separated – group 1 headed to the project phase and group 2 headed to the treking phase of the expedition.  Both groups faced very different climates with Group 1 in the middle of the rain forest and Group 2 at high altitude.

Day 4:  Group 1 headed for the local primary school to teach some English in addition to beginning their project work.  Group 2 battled through the effects of the high altitude to reach their destination en route to Quilota Caldera (photos to follow!).

Day 5:  Group 1 began construction of a washing facility for the local community.  Group 2 were half way to the top of Quilotoa.  An adopted bird has now become the mascot of Group 1!

Construction of the washing facility at Mishahuali

Day 6:  Group 1 made the finishing touches to their wash house and cleared a jungle path.  Group 2 reached their destination at the outstanding Quilotoa Caldera.

Day 7:  Group 1 left the village and travelled to Tena where they completed the very exciting white water rafting down the Rio Napo.  The personal hygeine of some members of the group has now become an issue (no underwear changes or brushing of teeth for some) meant they were first to take a trip into the swollen river.   Group 2 travelled back to Quito to collect some essential items and then made their way to the project at Mishahuali.  Where they will continue the jungle path and help build the roof for the local museum.
The project at Mishahuali


16 thoughts on “Benvienido a Ecuador”

  1. Delighted to get your blog. Sounds like you are having a great time. Hope its not Karen that hasn’t washed.Looking forward to seeing all your photoes.Love from a very sunny Scotland. Sheena Dave and Craig

  2. Fantastic to hear it’s all going well!! Like Sheena can’t wait to see photos.Guess you’re on your way up a volcano now. Love Fran,Nigel & Neil.

  3. It all sounds so exciting – We wish we were with you ! Roseanna & Roseanna x

  4. Sounds fantastic! Take loads of photos to remember your wonderful trip. One week gone already – feels like ten! What does guinea pig taste like??? Love from Linda, Brad, Sarah and Charlotte XXXX

  5. So great to hear news and see some photos! Sounds as though you’re all having an amazing experience… Eddie Yorkston making fantastic progress after op. Looing forward to seeing more pics. Lots of love xxx

  6. Hola de Escosia!
    Great to hear it is all going well – it sounds fantastic – we are all a bit jealous here!
    Haste luego
    Karen, Donald, Euan, Leiws (& Lola the dog who keep sneaking up onto your bed Vaila!!)

  7. Lovely to have hear news from Ecuador! I hope the adopted bird didn’t end up on the bbq as a change from guinea pig! Enjoy the adventure! Can’t wait to have a hug! xxx Julie Grant, Chloe, Roma, Freya & Scott xxx

  8. Hi Maia and pals! We are all GREEN with envy – sounds like an amazing experience! Pls get more photos posted soon. Feel the love – a Shona, u Jim, Nic & Joff xxxx

  9. Just in case you didn’t hear Novak beat Rafa in 4 sets to win Wimbledon! Very emotional for Novak who ate some of the grass in celebration!! Andy beaten in the semi-finals (again)! There’s always next year. More photos please if you can. XX

  10. Looks so amazing! hope everyone is having an amazing time and the bird cooked nicely. Miss you Maia xx

  11. Great to hear from you and see the photos,didn’t surprise me to hear about the adopted bird – a wee change from the wee calf you adopted at camp last year Kirsty! Take care and enjoy every minute everyone.Lots of Love Angela,Michael,Pippin & Buddy.xx

  12. glad 2 hear all the pupils r having a great time and enjoying the trip….hope u all have a good time for the rest of the stay….kirsty edwards keep up the hard work(saw u in the photo helping build the washroom)lol…every1 enjoy and hope u all being good…take care everyone….c u when u get home kirsty and want 2 hear all about your time there…bye bye…beth,gina and robert…xxx

  13. Wow, just got the photos of the white water rafting – looks like a fantastic day was had by all! Enjoy the rest of your trip, be safe and have bags of fun. Looking forward to having you home to hear all about it and see your photos. Take care, love Christine, Graham, Matthew (and a very lonely Zak) x

  14. Hello all. Good to see the wash house coming together, and sounds like it’s all going brilliantly. Keep going!

  15. Hi Neil

    Love the photos so far – looks as if you are all having an amazing time. Hope you have one of theses stylish ponchos to model when you come home!

    Cammy says hi and keep the updates coming.
    Lots of love
    Lesley, Dave and Cammy xxx

  16. Sounds as if a fantastic time is being had by all. Wish I was young again – my school trips were to Midlothian! Enjoy the rest of your time. What memories you will have.

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