Estamos feliz

Day 8: Group 1 pupils travelled to Quilotoa by bus as you can see in the picture they are all happy with the four hour wait. On arrival they bought ponchos to blend in with the locals and keep warm. After a meal from a hostel they trekked down into the beautiful volcanic crater. The pupils camped by the side of the lagoon.
Group 2 began their project work constructing the forest path and building the museum. Below is another colleague which also lives on site.

Day 9: Group 1 had an emotional remebrance service for Mr Kiernan and released some of his ashes into the volcanic lagoon.

They then began their mammoth eight and a half hour trek over the undulating Andean peaks. They eventually arrived at the small town of Chichilan.
Group 2 continued on with their project near the village of Tena.

( We will update more group 2 pictures when we meet up with them at the beach in a few days time.)

Today’s challenge – who owns these body parts from group 1?

6 thoughts on “Estamos feliz”

  1. Hi Neil
    Trek looks inspirational but please lose the spider before you come home! or was that your tea!?!

    Cammy’s asking if you have eaten a guinea pig yet!

    Take care and enjoy
    lots of love
    lesley, dave and cammy xxx

  2. The nails look too clean to be Sean’s !!! Roseanna said you have to wash before you come home !!! Love the poncho….. very attractive.
    Mr E looks very fetching in his hat and poncho too.. Everyone say’s Hi Sean xxx

  3. Looks amazing!!! and love the ponchos !! You’ll all be wearing these on the beach when you get back.Keep the photos coming. Tarantula a bit scarey though.Enjoy the beach.

    Love Fran,Nigel & Neil

  4. Roseanna thinks the legs belong to Neil and the nails are James’!!

  5. Happy 18th tomorrow Glen. Dad says he will have a nice cold beer while toasting your 18th!!!! Also happy 18th to Craig on the 14th and happy 21st to Mr Evans !!!

    Hope you having great time . Mum Dad Dale & Ben x

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