1st Battalion of the Preston Lodge Pals meet for reunion…


Battlefields 2011 Reunion

The Battlefields 2011 trip held its reunion on Monday October 3rd 2011 and spent a lunchtime remembering the many fun, interesting and thought provoking activities, sights and experiences the Pals Battalion had shared in Belgium and France last summer.

Led by Col Clark, who is going AWOL next summer, the officers and the pals enjoyed watching video clips and photographs of their campaign accompanied by some of the music that very much framed the expedition. The sounds of the Preston Lodge Pipes and Drums provided a backdrop to vivid memories of the Menin Gate Ceremony, exploring the battlefields of Flanders and the Somme – whilst Willie McBride by The Corries evoked memories of some of the more moving moments experienced by all whom were in the 1st Battalion of Pals.

It was a time for reflection but it was also a moment to stop and remember the many fun things that happened! Nobody will forget Col Clark pretending he had nut-megged Logan during a game of football, nor the planking undertaken by those in our number. We will all look back with fondness at the many celebrations undertaken for Ms Duthie’s birthday whilst we were in Ypres or the looks on the locals’ faces when, in restaurants, we raised our glasses in our nightly toast.  Chocolate shops, chips and pool tables will feature in a number of Pals’ memories. As will the fountain in the square when the weather got too hot…Some will think back to minor dalliances and the leg pulling that went with that. Others will remember our singing…oh, yes.

Thank you to each and every one of the Pals Battalion of 2011. We are rightly proud of the trip and every member played their part in it being such a fantastic experience. The Officers and Pals may have slept for a month after our return…but it was worth it!

Battlefields 2012 is recruiting now. Information can be obtained from Ms Armstrong (CDT) or Mrs Binnie (SFL/Science). They will be joined on the trip by Mr Kelly (Science) and Lee Moore (Pipe Instructor).