House Competition kicks off…literally!

The House Competition has begun again for another year, with Grange the defending champions and the others looking to depose them from their position…

The first whole house competition organised by our captains was the House Football Competition. This was played over the course of an entire week and various year groups fought for the title of House Football Champions 2011-12. Last year, Grange swept all before them and this was instrumental in their overall success in the competition…this year, however, another house was to prevail!

Seton were to dominate proceedings this time round, easily winning the competition outright having won a number of individual year group finals. Gosford finished second – as they did last year – whilst reigning football champs Grange finished humbly in third. How the mighty fell!

There were some worthy and noteable performances from a number of players and the referee (provided by Grange S6) came in for a lot of praise for his fairness and sporting spirit.

Well done to everyone who took part in this fab event and to the House Captains for getting the year off to a flyer.

Overall Points

Current points standings are as follows:

Grange 213
Gosford 191
Seton 272

 These totals not only include the House Football but some of the achievements mentioned below…

Dean Apicella (Seton) representing GB in kickboxing competition – well done Dean!

Science monthly points – with Grange coming out on top so far.

Geography monthly points – Grange and Gosford scoring well.

Health and Wellbeing points – all three houses collecting points

Arnold Clark national competition points for pupils from all three houses.

If you have achieved something exciting or prominent away from school and you think we may not know about it, please let us know. You will likely be in line for some House Points for your house! Last year a number of pupils kept their achievements quiet through modesty and we only found out through word of mouth. We are looking for pupils and parents to help us compile even more information on our students’ successes – let’s celebrate them!

The next event…

“I’m a Panner, Get Me Out of Here!”

On Thursday October 13th at lunchtime your House Captains will bring you our own version of a bush tucker trial as part of the House Competition. Names of participants have been drawn from a hat at assemblies and both students and staff will get stuck in to all manner of grubby grub in the name of their House and house points! 

A full report will follow when we come back after half term…eugh!

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