I’m a Panner – Get Me Out of Here!

Grange Captain Berg’s expression, as she tries to down one of our many delicacies during “I’m a Panner Get Me Out of Here!” on the last Thursday before the holidays, very much says it all!

Our inter-house bush tucker trial caught the imagination of a great number of pupils and we estimate (from door entry stats) that over a third of the school were at the event. This is a fantastic endorsement of the hard work put in by the House Captains and House Committee team and much hilarity was enjoyed by all.

Not everyone coped with the rigours of the snails, beasties and jellied creations though…eh, Thomas Stevenson (pictured above) of Grange who “struggled a little” at certain points in the proceedings. To say this was a messy affair would be an understatement. Thankfully, copious amounts of paper roll were on hand to clean up the aftermath!

And it wasn’t always used for cleaning up gunk…

Staff star performers were Mrs Pike (pictured above) who did everything with her usual gusto for Seton, Mr Orr (also above, who wondered what on earth he had let himself in for when his Gosford team covered him in Andrex – other brands of toilet roll available folks) and Mr Tracey pretty much being a one man moule machine for Grange. The latter deserves a special mention for stomaching a dozen garlic snails in one go to ensure house points for his struggling blues.

At the end of proceedings Seton won the eating. Gosford and Grange were better supported and were acknowledged with points for this too.

Im a Panner Eating Points Seton 70
    Gosford 45
    Grange 30
Door entry I’m A Panner Supporting Points  
    Seton 5
    Gosford 15
    Grange 10
 Totals Seton 75, Gosford 60, Grange 40      

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