Battlefields Tour concert in January…

Attention all veterans of the 1st Battalion of Preston Lodge Pals!

In 2007, Greentrax Records boss Ian Green visited the World War I graveyards of Flanders with Des Brogan and Mercat Tours (who also take Preston Lodge to the Battlefields of WWI). A year later, Greentrax released the double CD Far, Far From Ypres, a collection of soldiers’ songs, music-hall favourites and home-front anthems from 1914-18, alongside subsequent songwriters’ reflections on the conflict. This CD provides a backdrop to the tour our 1st Battalion of Pals enjoyed last summer.

A live selection of the material led to this brand new full-length show, “Far, Far from Ypres”, featuring an array of performers from the album including Ian Bruce, Ragged Glory, Soopna, Sangsters, Dick Gaughan, Barbara Dickson, Stephen Quigg, Tom Ward, Donald Hay (drums) and narration by Iain Anderson.

On January 21st 2012 the show will be performed in Glasgow at the Royal Concert Hall on Sauchiehall Street.Tickets are £13.

Any former Preston Lodge Pal seeking more information or interested in attending the show should speak to Mrs Binnie or Ms Duthie who can provide further details.

We’re here because we’re here…



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