S1 After School Cookery Class – update

Cooking for the Queen – 34 first year pupils arrived to participate in the class. Pupils were organised into groups to create ideas for a ‘selection of canapes – fit for serving at a reception in Buckingham Palace’. They were to reflect our local area and include local produce.

The groups worked well to identify ideas and started to create some recipes. They left the class with the task of submitting 4 ideas from their group by 12 noon on friday 9th March.

In true ‘Masterchef’ style, groups will be asked back on the basis of their submission.

Next week, we will welcome a local chef who will show some canapes and discuss various elements to consider. Pupils will then work on their ideas and identify two to make the following week.

There was great excitement and enthusiasm from all involved. We look forward to seeing their creations evolve.

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